Florentino Perez, Is all that glitters gold?

Florentino Perez, Is all that glitters gold?
Florentino made and unmade at will in the LFP.

Florentino Perez represents pure power, That is the definition of the name itself. Two long stages as chief executive of Real Madrid confirm that it is one of the most powerful men in Spain and the world. Real Madrid president, a man is always related to high business community and economic. But is gold that glitters?. Today Colgados for football money, judgments and slander.

Spanish Any links the name Florentino Perez one of the most important businessmen of our country. His close relationship with powerful banks has always favored him in facing exorbitant signings such as Figo, Zidane or Beckham in the first stage or Kaka, Christian Bale and in the second. His philosophy of Zidanes and Pavones passed away with his first stage in the White House, however many madridistas did not understand the senseless dismissal of Vicente Del Bosque, just one month after crowned champions of League 2003 and having won the last two Champions having white club (2000 y 2002) with salmantino coach on the bench. Characterized by enabling a galactic Madrid, recently it came to light a murky, dark matter smearing his name.

Florentino and Pedro J. Ramírez have always maintained a good relationship.
Florentino and Pedro. J. Rámirez have always maintained a good relationship.

We must go back at the end of the year 2008 to remember information given in the newspaper El Mundo de P.J. Ramirez. The headline read "Ramon Calderon pays the club card, golf and veterinary ". Almost three years later, the criminal court No. 9 Carlos Carbajosa and condemned Jesus Alcaide (authors of the article) for a crime of slander.

Shortly before they are convicted guilty and the process still open, Both were hired as senior Real Madrid. Without any experience in any such charge Carlos Carbajosa was named head of press and Mayor Real Madrid director of television. Both of them, They imputed to Mr. Calderón, at that time president of Real Madrid, false criminal acts intended to discredit him, agraviarlo and defame. Lacking evidence, They presented false documents completely ignoring reality. They attached falsified expense ratios, Calderon allegedly, Banco Gallego and linked with Banesto. Later the judge's ruling proved that Ramon Calderon even enjoyed credit cards Real Madrid associated with these banks, nor had any personal expenses charged to the club.

Recently, this newspaper has released a report stating that the signing of Neymar cost 97 instead of 57 millions of euros.
Recently, this newspaper has released a report stating that the signing of Neymar cost 97 instead of 57 millions of euros.

judge for yourself but do not put your hands in the fire for anyone. Much less do so in this country. secretiveness, good manners, eloquent words always fly over the elongated figure florentine, but they hide their true identity?. What is clear is that it has great power and its shadow comes very high up. Without going further, last week we could see sharing a table with great American entrepreneurs and world political figures in Washington Chamber of Commerce. Florentino Perez, “the superior being” as it came to naming Emilio Butragueño.

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