Prisa seeks to remove Florentino Pérez from power through a candidacy made up of legends

Prisa busca quitar a Florentino Pérez del poder a través de una candidatura compuesta por leyendas
Prisa seeks to remove Florentino Pérez from power through a candidacy made up of legends

Last update 22 May, 2013 by Alberto Llopis

According to an article by, Grupo Prisa would be probing the possibility of proclaiming an alternative candidacy to the next elections of the 6 June to be held by Real Madrid. The idea is to form a group with former footballers like Raúl, Hierro or Sanchis that would be directed by Villar Mir jr. To Cesar what is of Cesar and here we leave you the complete article of our colleagues from, those who echo this exclusive.

“Real Madrid's presidential elections kick off with interesting behind-the-scenes movements. A group of sports journalists integrated into the Grupo Prisa media have been working for a few weeks on an alternative candidacy for Florentino Pérez.

As El Confidencial Digital has learned, Prisa's team of professionals has even drawn up a list of ‘presidential’, has established contacts and made proposals. He has tried to convince businessmen and some former footballer who was linked to the entity to take the step and present themselves as an alternative to the current directive.

The main argument that the interlocutors have used to convince those interested is the closed support they would receive from the Grupo Prisa media on their landing.. They would not be alone during the campaign.

ECD has also been able to confirm that the promoter group has intensified its efforts in recent days. Florentino Pérez revealed on Monday his intention to launch the electoral process that, following the deadlines set by the current board, should be held next 16 of June. This group already knew the intention of the president and has moved quickly knowing the scarce margin that it had. There was no time to lose.

Among the characters who have been surveyed is one of the sons of businessman Juan Miguel Villar Mir, marquis, lawyer and president of the construction company OHL. There is also talk of a some veteran merengue player.

However, the list is not very extensive given the demanding conditions that Real Madrid recently established to become a candidate for the presidency: a seniority as a member of the club 20 years minimum, an endorsement by 15% of the entity's budget (currently valued at about 75 millions of euros) and be in a position to respond with their own personal assets.

They are measures adopted to prevent the irruption of millionaire Arab or Russian sheikhs, through even an interposed partner, but that greatly complicates the irruption of any fan in the electoral process.

One more fact. The statutes of Real Madrid establish that if a candidate for the presidency appears without any officially declared opponent, the first will be elected fifteen days after the official call for elections., by ‘popular acclaim’.

That supposes that, if this operation failed, Florentino Pérez could be automatically reelected within two weeks.”

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