Spain FIFA threatens to throw her Russian World 2018

FIFA amenaza a España con echarla del Mundial de Rusia 2018
FIFA threatens to exclude Spain World Russia 2018 for him "Villar case". Photo: FIFA

Last update 15 December, 2017 by Alberto Llopis

The news has jumped during the morning publishes El Pais. According to the means known, the Spanish team could stay out of World Russia 2018 because of the known 'case Villar'. The conviction carried by the president of the RFEF and the various corruption scandals that are dotting the governing body of Spanish football, since some years, It could have fatal consequences for the interests of the Spanish selection.

As always 'El País', The reason for the possible sanction of the FIFA none other than the proposal for repeat elections for president who promoted the CSD (Sports Council) last May. The government entered office in the RFEF to solve the 'Villar case’ and FIFA believes that this is not compatible with the autonomy of the Federation. We recall that the president of the RFEF, Angel Maria Villar was imprisoned a few months ago.

This is not the first time this happens. FIFA already threatened to deprive Spain of playing an international competition. The RFEF was threatened 2008, shortly before Euro would win and begin a journey of successes for Spanish football, to stay out of the continental competition if Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, then President of the Spanish Government, Villar did not allow him to hold the elections at a later date determined by the order of the Ministry. Finally the case was settled and Spain won that tournament. We'll see what the solution and final decision to this news.

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