Suspended for life to a referee he would whistle at the World Russian 2018

Suspended for life to a referee he would whistle at the World Russian 2018
Mirdasi will not go to the World Cup in Russia 2018 by match-fixing. Photo:

Another new case of corruption to football splashes. This time related to the World Cup in Russia 2018. The Saudi Football Federation announced that suspended for life the referee that FIFA had appointed to represent his country at the World Cup for allegedly solicited a bribe to help a team in a match. Fahd al Mirdasi, Saudi referee, It faces an exemplary punishment, be banned for life to exercise arbitration.

The disciplinary committee of the Football Federation Saudi, will inform FIFA of the case and will ask Al Mirdasi, be excluded from the World Cup and other international competitions, It is according to a statement issued by the Federation of the Arab country. In an interview before the committee, Mirdasi admitted to having asked money managers Itihad club, that he offered in return help to win the Cup final.

President of the Saudi club, She reported the case before the final and sent to the Federation have held a conversation with 'whatsapp’ with referee, in which Al Mirdasi demanded a fee for taking bribes. The Federation took action on the matter and replaced Al Mirdasi hours before the final. Al Mirdasi, the best referee in his country, he officiated at the Olympic Games in Rio de 2016 and the Confederations Cup Russia 2017. Now it faces a sanction as exemplary as corrective.

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