The select club + 40 years

The select club + 40 years
Dino Zoff has several records.

Hanging by the Football check out older players 40 years have stepped on a football field. A select club + 40 bringing together emblematic players who have had remarkable success from cuarentona, the barrier that marks the beginning of a new stage and for many far from being the end of their careers or even enshrines sports coronation.

The case highlights perhaps the goalkeeper Dino Zoff Italian, what with 40 years and 4 months was crowned world champion in Spain 82. His age was not an obstacle to Zoff awarded the third world to the transalpine. One year later, in 1983, Juventus goalkeeper put an end to his football career excelsa.

If Zoff can boast of being the world champion older, Roger Milla, you can do to be the oldest player to participate in a World Cup to do with 42 years and 39 days. It happened during the World Cup in USA 94, in the meeting that pitted Cameroon with Russia. Besides, He did scoring a goal for “the Indomitable Lions”, although it is true that could not prevent the defeat of his team in a game marked by five goals from Oleg Salenko.

Another world champion, Romario, stretched out his football career to the absolute limits, namely the 42 years, age at which said goodbye at the Vasco de Gama. What made it big, three years before being top scorer in the Brazilian league and reaching the 1000 goals in his entire sporting career (FIFA figure disputed by computing him 930 goals).

Romario got the goal to reach 40 years.
Romario got the goal to reach 40 years.

Particular mention also deserves the Chilean Jaime Riveros, who left the pitch in 2011 con 41 years, after an extensive career in the Andean country. Riveros until his last season played brilliantly, as evidenced by its Chilean league with conquered Everton 2008, or inclusion in the Dream Team that year.

Amadeo Carboni and Edwin Van der Sar also exemplify that 40 years can perform at their best. The Italian side came to Valencia 32 years and there he spent his best sporting moments. Con 2 diseases, a UEFA Cup, 1 Copa del Rey and two final Champions, the “second youth” Carboni came to an end in the year 2006 (41 years), becoming the second oldest player to play in the league after the English Royal Society Harry Lowe, who did it with 48 years.

In the case of Van der Sar, Dutch goalkeeper passed the barrier of 40 allowing the luxury of reaching the Champions League final with Manchester United in 2011, in which he was beaten by Barcelona in their last match as a professional with 41 years already served. Previously, con 39, he had managed to beat the unbeaten record of a goalkeeper with 1104 minutes.

Precisely, goalkeepers are the stars. English Peter Shilton and David Seaman are a good example. Shilton was captain of the England team in Italy 90, con 40 fulfilled springs, while Seaman played the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002 con 39 years to retire two later with 41 at Manchester City. Dutch Rob van Dijk retired in the ranks of Utrech in 2012 con 43 primroses Fulfilled.

Seaman saved resemblance to the golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez.
Seaman saved resemblance to the golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez.

Nowadays, David James also British and American Brad Friedel follow in his footsteps. Calamity continues to speak in Bristol 42 years, mientras que el “uncle Lucas” pulling the strings of a demanding goal as Tottenham Hostpur.

All of them, They have a long way if they are to Sir Stanley Matthews, what with 50 years even marked differences. But that's another story as you can always read here.

The end of Stanley Matthewa.
Stanley Matthews broke records for longevity in football.

PD: when we are referring to veteran players, We do footballers playing from the 40 years in competitive leagues continuously. Here no second-tier leagues include, or parties tributes, as might be the case of the Mexican Salvador Reyes, what with 71 years played a friendly match. Nor they are incorporated laps after long absences such as the “Smurf” Avila.

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