The clubs with the most income: Only City beats Real Madrid

The clubs with the most income: Only City beats Real Madrid
City and Real Madrid are the clubs with the highest income. PHOTO:

After the explosion of those known as 'Clubs State’ in the world of football, the only team that resists and can stand up to them between the clubs with the most income keep being him Real Madrid. The white team continues to maintain its economic power thanks to the management of its board of directors, headed by Florentino Perez.

In fact, Deloitte has recently republished its popular report Football Money League, which consists of an annual analysis in which the clubs that generate the greatest amount of income are exposed. To prepare this report, they are based on data such as commercial income or attendance of fans at the stadiums..

Next, We are going to tell you all the details that this has thrown ‘Football Money League 2023’, which are giving a lot to talk about.

Manchester City reaches the top among the clubs with the highest income and Madrid holds

The entity that best stands out from this report is the Manchester City. The 'citizen' painting accumulated a total of 731 million euros in revenue during the campaign 21/22.

Behind the, very close, is found the Real Madrid. whites add up 713,8 millions of euros, thus demonstrating notable growth compared to last year, where they harvested 640,7 millions. 73,1 million euros more that make clear the good work that has been carried out by the current European Champion.

Solo 2 Spanish teams in the 'TOP 10'

Another striking fact is that they only appear 2 teams of the Spanish league in the ‘TOP 10’. A circumstance that does not leave a competition that, in theory, would be the second most powerful in the world after the Premier League. It's more, the English domestic championship continues to open an important gap.

This is the complete list of 10 clubs that generated the most income during the previous campaign:

1. Manchester City (731 millions of euros)

2. Real Madrid (713,8 millions of euros)

3. Liverpool (701,7 millions of euros)

4. Manchester United (688,6 millions of euros)

5. PSG (654,2 millions of euros)

6. Bayern Munich (653,6 millions of euros)

7. FC Barcelona (638,2 millions of euros)

8. Chelsea (568,3 millions of euros)

9. Tottenham Hotspur (523 millions of euros)

10. Arsenal (433,5 millions of euros)

As we see, he Barça is no longer within 5 first, Meanwhile he Atlético de Madrid goes to twelfth position in the ranking, con 393,9 millions of euros.

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