Belgrano dies swells who was thrown from the stands after recognizing the murderer of his brother

Muere hincha de Belgrano que fue arrojado desde la grada tras reconocer al asesino de su hermano
The shameful image of aggression that killed Balbo Enmanuel. More of Barras Bravas. Foto:

Last update 17 April, 2017 por Alberto Llopis

Shame, disgust, repudio..los adjectives fall short after seeing the umpteenth act of violence that comes from Barras Bravas of Argentina and has finished with brain death of the victim of aggression. In this case we get from Belgrano, Córdoba, where Emmanuel Balbo, swells Belgrano, She was brutally beaten, beaten and thrown several meters by Barras Bravas vacuum of his own club in the stadium Mario Kempes in Cordoba city. Assault and murder inside story and drama if possible, the same person responsible for his death, He had been blamed for murdering his brother 4 años antes.

Enmanuel Balbo, was found in the stadium Mario Kempes the person who had allegedly murdered his brother four years ago. A chief called Barra “Sapito” Gómez. “I killed a child and now me is to wrest another”, said Raul Balbo, Enmanuel father in an interview with Cadena 3. “My son was not stealing on the court and had a tattoo Workshops. The problem arises because to me five years ago I killed my son. And Emanuel goes to court and is one of those who killed him. Hence the problem was armed”, story.

The father, who confirmed the news of the brain death of his son Enmanuel in hospital, He said his son was attacked by a group of fans who began to hit when one of them said he was a fan of workshops as if only that were enough reason to kill someone, being from another computer. He “mastermind” of barbarism is “sapito Gómez” I had been involved in the murder of brother Balbo few years earlier.

Police Córdoba, Argentina, He confirmed that four people arrested by the episode but Gomez was leaked. The representative of law enforcement officials investigating the crime said the four detainees are those who are at the end of the scene of the video which shows when Balbo was thrown from the stands of the stadium Mario Kempes in the derby of Córdoba Belgrano-Workshops.


A sad fact that adds to a terrible list and is impunity with which Campan hooligans by Argentina in an environment of corruption and crime is regrettable. We talked about them in our article the Argentina's hooligans and they were very well portrayed in the story of Jon Sistiaga in Spanish 2012 worth veer. A sad scourge for society Argentina spoiled by almost everyone in the beautiful South American country.

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