Great Pufos of the Spanish League: Stefano Torrisi

Grandes Pufos de la Liga española: Stefano Torrisi
Torrisi day presentation with Atletico. PHOTO: As

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Many times, some signings are ruined as a result of the mania of some coaches players joining leagues and teams from which even of the same nationality. That's what happened to Atletico Madrid in the 1998/ 1999, prior to that he finished a season down later due to a horrendous transfer policy. Tanto que muchos están en la lista de the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid.

Arrigo Sacchi, coach of the time, se trajo de una tacada a Chamot, Argentine player who triumphed in the Calcio and three of his compatriots, Serena, Venturín y Torrisi. The latter is that we want to talk today, the other two, we will in future articles.

El fallido fichaje de Stefano Torrisi por el Atlético de Madrid

Stefano Torrisi, Italian born in Ravenna in 1971, He came to Atletico Madrid in the summer of 1998. Prosecuting the Bologna, where he had even played a match for Italy. Physical characteristic because of its alopécica head, its performance at the Calderon left much to be desired. Muy lejos de los 800 million of the time they paid for it.

In the late 90, the millions rolled by football clubs as if they were sheets, and it was very common to bring these players, almost no history or level, but paid the price of gold. A decade later, muchos clubes están pagando esto.

Torrisi, only he played 17 games with Atletico Madrid, almost the duration of Arrigo Sacchi was the one who had brought him. After, without its main backer, He ended up on the bench like most of his countrymen who had come under the approval of the former, best coach in the world.

At the end of the season he left Atletico Madrid and then return to Italian football, with a brief stint in the French, donde se retiró. A clear case can make things bad or worse and the mattress club in particular and in general all clubs, the end of the last century, It was a real carnival economic barbarities and sports.

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