Great puffs from the Spanish League: Gyorgy Demetradze

Grandes pufos de la Liga española: Gyorgy Demetradze

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Gyorgy Demetradze, “Magic Georgian”. Thus they defined this Georgian striker who came to the Royal Society in December 2000 with the distinction of being one of the best scorers soccer eastern Europe. donostiarras, made at the time the largest investment in its history, 800 million pesetas to sign the Georgian for the second round of the League 2000/01 and three. Of course, but would not be in this list, it did not comply.

Born in 1976, Demetradze, He arrived in San Sebastian as hope for the front of a team which at that time ran the Welshman John Toshack. He made his debut on the opening day of the 2001, and 7 January and the result could not be worse. Out of shape, as he had reached donostiarras lands, He was injured and from January to June only played 4 parties confirming that their recruitment, In addition to a figure as high, It could not have been a worse fiasco.

Demetradze y Coco, dos de los peores fichajes de sus equipos.
Demetradze and Coco, two of the worst signings of their teams.

As he had signed a long contract, something very common in the Spanish teams in the late 90, the beginning of the XXI century, He began the following season, the 2001/02, and he came to play 10 It matches in the first round but never win the starting job. That same winter market, the real, He made one of the most successful operations in its history. He decided to bring back to Kovacevic and Nihat Turkish hire, a lead that would then team history in Anoeta.

Obviously, for the Serbian and Turkish formed in front of the Royal, It had to make room for what Demetradze, which at that time it was the most expensive player who had never signed the Royal Society, It was the first candidate to leave the club. As often happens in these cases where fiascos and over long contracts are signed with, the player finally relented and lurching by Russian teams until he was mis-sold confirming that it was not just a mistake for him to pay that amount but also one of the worst signings that have been made in the Spanish League.

Georgian btw, again into the limelight in 2011 when he was convicted in his country's affairs as murky as extortion and gambling. A sentence of six years and ended his career at the time of the sentence, He was still active in football in Georgia.

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