The worst signings in the history of the Royal Society

The worst signings in the history of the Royal Society

The Royal Society has always been a club traditionally quarry, but in the late 80s he began to sign foreign. And we did a story on some of the best strikers who have played in Real (If you are interested click here). Today we will focus on the worst signings in the history of the Royal Society.

After a decade of the end of 80 where he signed with Real eye, examples as Aldridge, Richardson y Atkinson, the San Sebastian club made very good signings during the years 90, as were those of Kodro, the Ocean and Carlos Xabier Portuguese, Valery Karpin or Kovacevic, one exception. It was earlier this century, especially in the years 2000, when the Real began hiring "Fluffy" who led the team to the sporting and economic ruin, with the team in 2nd Division and Insolvency Act. From Colgados we have compiled a list that most transfer belong to a recent epoch, ateniendo especially the cost paid by the club and performance offered by the player. hung shoots:

1-Mikel Arteta

In 2004, good performance in Scotland, in which he scored a hat-trick with the Rangers, and the departure of Xabi Alonso to Liverpool, Mikel Arteta takes to sign for Real Sociedad. It came as the favorite son of Donosti, the desired player returning home. But the experience could not be more unsatisfactory, He played only 17 matches (scoring 1 League goal), and being on loan in January 2005 Everton Premier League, with a purchase option. Premier has been uncovered first Everton and then at Arsenal. Many will say that is not the worst signing in the history, but the 4 million paid by the San Sebastian club and expectations surrounding his hiring, They are more than enough for this great player to lead this list argument.

Mikel Arteta is a great player but curiously not achieved never succeed in Spain.
Mikel Arteta is a great player but curiously not achieved never succeed in Spain.


The 28 June 2000 his signing was announced by the Royal Society. The former Belgian international has signed for three seasons with the Basque team, what did you pay 600 million pesetas (3,6 millions of euros) al Twente. The player had taken a break of fibers in the hamstring in the final stretch of the season with Twente. In his first training session with Real he suffered and had to retire. He went through the SD Eibar with more pain than glory, as set in the rack is reinjured. The player did not play a minute with Real. The case ended up in court to denounce the insurer club donostiarra. The judge upheld the Basque side to declare the player unable to play football. At least Real he recouped its investment in the year 2009.


He arrived in the winter transfer 2000.Su the fateful year was more expensive than the Royal Society had done so far, with 800 million pesetas (aprox. 4,8 millions of euros), He signed by 3 and a half seasons with Real Sociedad, with an option for two more, but ultimately just get to play one year with the San Sebastian. He also went on to charge one of the highest tabs club. With a season and a half, in which he scored two goals in 14 matches, It was loaned to Lokomotiv Moscow and Alania Vladikavkaz after. The arrival of Kovacevic and Nihat closed the doors of the Basque club. Finally, the transfer of the player Metalurg Donetsk was completed at the 5 August 2003 a figure that was not made public, we assume much lower that cost-

4-Luis García

He played one season at Atletico Madrid scoring 17 goals in 29 matches. season 1993-1994 largely due to their differences with the directive of the club mattress was transferred to the Royal Society, San Sebastian had to be complemented by Meho Kodro. He arrived as a star signing, after 10 games and two goals, He went to America in Mexico. A few months ago Adrian Chavez, former goalkeeper of the Eagles of America, He declared for football program seriously Point, TDN, Luis Garcia had broken the dressing room of the then technical director, Leo Beenhakker.

Luis Garcia was a star in Mexico. Its passage by the Royal Society was not very productive.
Luis Garcia was a star in Mexico. Its passage by the Royal Society was not very productive.

5-Arif Erdem

a star in Galatasaray and the Turkish national team, more of 100 goals for club and Istanbul 66 internacionalidades with Turkey justified at first disbursement of 3.6 million euros. Arif left samples of their effectiveness, a goal (penalty) in 2 two games was the sad baggage of Turkish. Injuries prevented us to see much more. He arrived in Peyremans 2000, a great year for realistic technical secretary.

6-Mattias Asper

It was the first goalkeeper in the history of the Royal Society. It came from AIK Solna, as in the year 2000, Clemente's hand was not convinced that one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of Real, Alberto Lopez. He came to play the European Championship with Sweden in Belgium and the Netherlands. Real paid 600 million pesetas (3'6 million euros). Asper began the season as a starter with Real but after a few games, the team was quickly in the last positions of the classification, showing a bad game and conceding some bleeding thrashings, As the 0-6 that endorsed the FC Barcelona in 45 minutes, most goals fitted by the Real in its Anoeta Stadium. With the removal of Clemente, which he was replaced by Miguel Ángel Alonso, and this by JB Toshack gave him a little ball. With 10 parties and 23 goals in 2 seasons Asper adventure ended in Donostia. It was loaned to the Besitkas happened with more pain than glory and returned to Real to return home to Malmo FF.

7-Victor Bonilla

Their 37 goals in 42 Tumaco encounters converted to a quoted scorer, sought internationally by European teams. Against all odds ended up at the Royal by 3'3 million euros. It was the year 1999, in which Real Madrid signed to Congo, Bonilla compatriot. Neither they triumphed in La Liga. Victor arrived with the band of substitute Darko Kovacevic who had gone to Juventus. In a season in which he scored 3 goals, Clemente relegated to the tier. Yielded to Salamanca, I note 5 late goals 7 matches, although little salmantino team did not ascend and went to Toulouse in Ligue 1.

Neither Victor nor Javier Clemente Bonilla had a welcome step by the Royal Society.
Neither Victor nor Javier Clemente Bonilla had a welcome step by the Royal Society.

8Lee Chun Soo

After the World Cup in Korea and Japan 2002 and good role South Korea reaching the semi-finals catapulted some of its members, como Lee Chun Soo. Taking advantage of the pull media that could generate a signing of this magnitude in Asian countries and this could provide income, The Royal Society was launched to hunt the signing of the Korean closing. Lee was honored thus become the first Korean to play in the Spanish League, although at the moment of truth, in the field, his football went completely unnoticed. The 3 million euros make Lee one of the stars of this list. After a year on loan to Numancia, He returned the Korean league, to return two years later to Europe, Dutch Feyenoord, with the same result.

9-Igor Cvitanovic

In January 1998 fichan for more than 500 kilos a Igor Cvitanovic, Dynamo striker Zagreb. It was the most expensive contract in the history of Real so far and their performance was very poor. Framework 3 goals in 29 matches. He stood out more for their influx to the Kursaal Casino Donosti by its performance in football.

Cvitanovic disappointed in San Sebastián.
Cvitanovic disappointed in San Sebastián.

10-Collet and Rossato

Both they share the tenth League, both they cost two million. Collet vino Lens, He played only six games. Rossato played a little more than French, with 24 matches with Real and goal was the dismal performance of the Brazilian, He went by the Málaga. I do not think either San Sebastián or the Costa del Sol is much remember him.

Another of the signings star-two of the Real are Sergio Corino, Jeremie Bréchet, Jeffrey Sarpong, Markus Pürk, Fabio Felicio, Dalibor Stevanovic, Victor Lopez, Morten Skoubo, Cyril, Diego Ifran and Jaw Acheampong, They could well be on this list, but its price is considerably lower, That leaves them out. Also in the field of assignments he has skated the club white-blue, players like Dramé, Germán Herrera, Jonathan Estrada "Cocoliso", Mladenovic, Necati, Songoo, Viafara or the latest Mariga deserve to be on merit lists the worst signings, in his favor, no transfer was paid for them.

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  1. Clemente tb brought a certain Khoklov (out of series) and a Kirill (Champion of Champions 2004). Not draw the face Clemente but things have to be said as they are. It is always said that brought Demetradze and that was in the days of Periko Alonso

  2. I do not understand this story
    None of the above caused the decline of the Real to second nor were the worst signings. There are many outrageous cases: Victor Lopez, Mladenovic, Stevanovic, Rulo Romero, Zubizarreta Galdef, Jesuli, Germán Herrera, Toro Blanco Rivas (3M€!!), Rivas (The front), Jankovic, Bakero (the traitor 88).. Got off with a 16 Zubieta signings outside and none of those mentioned in Article!

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