February 25, 2021
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    Alex White

    Clemente tb brought a certain Khoklov (out of series) and a Kirill (Champion of Champions 2004). Not draw the face Clemente but things have to be said as they are. It is always said that brought Demetradze and that was in the days of Periko Alonso

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    Alex White

    I do not understand this story
    None of the above caused the decline of the Real to second nor were the worst signings. There are many outrageous cases: Victor Lopez, Mladenovic, Stevanovic, Rulo Romero, Zubizarreta Galdef, Jesuli, Germán Herrera, Toro Blanco Rivas (3M€!!), Rivas (The front), Jankovic, Bakero (the traitor 88).. Got off with a 16 Zubieta signings outside and none of those mentioned in Article!


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