Chivas vs America, the hottest classic World

Chivas vs America, the hottest classic World
America and Chivas live many times so his classic.

Chivas vs America is possibly the hottest classic world. Not only because it involved two of the biggest teams in Mexico and the rivalry that have for years but because it is a standard that both teams end up sticks on the green. A situation that has not occurred neither two nor three times but some more in a game between two teams that football transcends itself. Extreme rivalry as could be.

Season 1982-83

Hostilities between the two began much earlier but reached its epicenter in the season 1982-83 when both played the tournament and finished clean mamporro between players, coaching staff and virtually all passerby.

Season 1985-86

Yes in the 83 They had given firewood good, Three years later he was not going to be less. Again the same teams that finish again mamporro clean so that the referee supendió the party and expelled the 22 players in the field.

The summer 99

Both teams played a friendly tournament summer although friendly to say something. Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Felipe Robles messed blows on the pitch and the thing came to end badly.

Year 2010

In it 2010 They returned to hook up with sticks, after an action between the Chilean Beausejour and Báez in which several deputies came to jump to the lawn and the thing it was about to reach greater.

Friendly in summer 2013

What is clear is that between these two teams, whoever plays and even generations pass, friendly not exist. In the summer of 2013, both teams played a match in the US these typical Mexicans usually play on American soil. The thing as on other occasions mother went and ended up in various clubs, expelled and equally controversial.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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