Waiter in a pub Champions coach, Jindrich history Trpisovsky

Waiter in a pub Champions coach, Jindrich history Trpisovsky
Jindrich Trpisovsky has gone in a few years barman in a pub Champions coach. PHOTO: The Journal

Jindrich Trpisovsky Slavia Prague coach It is one of those related to the world of football men who have a story of overcoming all the way to success. And is that the coach of Slavia Prague, Czech team playing regularly Champions, It has happened in 8 years of working as a bartender and waiter in a pub while training to neighborhood teams to survive, a professional trainer. And with this, to face teams like Barca and players like Messi in Europe's international competition.

Jindrich history Trpisovsky, the story of a coach who came from the bottom

Or at best their dreams imagined Czech coach 43 years far would arrive in just a few years. Since until not so much, She worked almost full time in the world of hospitality equipment and trained local profile in addition to your salary. But perseverance, sacrifice and hard work, They led to Jindrich Trpisovsky to elite professional football.

It was in 2011 when football gave Trpisovsky the opportunity to have a turning point in his career and so, completely change your life. It was while training to Viktoria Zivkov where they not charged neither he nor the players because of a serious economic crisis in the club. But still, He got to work and motivate your players to get the team remained fourth ranked in the top Czech football.

After she signed by Slovan Liberec and finally the Slavia Prague in 2017 where Jindrich Trpisovsky it has become an institution of Czech football and where he has become compared to the same Jurgen Klopp. A dream come true for a man who makes less than 10 He not even remotely imagined to meet. Another great football history.

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