Dani Parejo, the player who stopped him mouth to everyone

Dani Parejo, the player who stopped him mouth to everyone
Dani Parejo scarf in hand on arrival of Valencia after winning the Cup. The 10 It is now the reference point but it was not always so. PHOTO: Sports world

Tears of Dani Parejo after the game that proclaimed champion of the Copa del Rey 2019 to your team, Valencia CF, They had something more substantive than joy at having finally won, after many years in the state, a title with the Mestalla club.

They were the tears of a man who had to fight against all that no mistake, today the 10 Valencia is God for valencianistas fans but not so long ago, He received a totally different treatment. “Many people tell me when I go down the street to run more, I'm a dog” He commented Dani Parejo an interview to various media in September 2016.

Video controversy at the club also took a toll on Dani Parejo

Nor were few who did not put fine when a video hers in a nightclub with a drink and a hookah leaked in December 2016. “I felt very lonely and sometime I have come to mourn”, He also acknowledged in an interview. And is that if anything the fans valencianistas known, It is the ease with which go from love to hate and vice versa. Something that Dani Parejo It has been maximized end.

Dani Parejo drunk in a nightclub
A video of Dani Parejo in a nightclub raised many blisters. Photo: Twitter

Madrid, He gave another lesson in football in the Cup final to injury, He has always played the same but when things have not gone ruts (several times in recent seasons where Valencia has been irregular), the focus has always put on him with too disrespectful.

But the player, It has always been a starter all coaches who have passed through the club during his time, and there have been few, eleven coaches since his arrival in the year 2011. And none, He never hesitated to give the team gallons. Something would be.

Today, and few are those who doubt Dani Parejo, and even many of those who not long ago told him all, that is a captain of legend to speak organization. He never stopped working and gave all, even it was the only one in January, Valencia when the season was terrible and many, even they asked the head of Marcelino, It was the one who said the season was far less lost.

Five months later, with 38 points in the second round, fourth, a European semi-final and a title in the centenary year of the entity, they all want to get in the car. But he was always there, as the last 8 years. The player who shut his mouth everyone, all. Hopefully people will remember this if things do not go well again sometime.

Alberto Llopis

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