A video of drunken Parejo still raises more controversial in Valencia

A video of drunken Parejo still raises more controversial in Valencia
A video of Dani Parejo in a nightclub raised more blisters in Valencia. Photo: Twitter

There are many sayings to define the situation in Valencia. One could be that of “a skinny dog, all are fleas”. For if there were little ruckus in social and sporting club at Mestalla and after the monumental rajada Prandelli against players, video missing Daniel Parejo completely drunk and partying in a nightclub.

In the video recorded by an amateur, you can see the player of Valencia in a state visibly damaged. The amateur video was recorded by the player came to praise him saying: “It is best touches” to broach another phrase shitting in relatives of Prandelli. Meanwhile, an even that almost did not open eyes still dancing.

The video has caused so much controversy that Dani Parejo had to go apologize and distance himself from the author of the video which claims not to know. But the midfielder also said that the images were taken before his day. "I regret photographs and images that are inappropriate. I can only apologize to the fans, to the club, the coach and my teammates. Not an excuse but it was in my leisure time and without scheduled training session the next day ", said the midfielder who has been in the crosshairs of much of the hobby for several years now.

El vídeo ha rodado por diversas redes sociales y cuentas de Twitter como ésta que te mostramos.

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