The best phrases in the history of football

The best phrases in the history of football
Mourinho has left some of the best phrases in the history of football. PHOTO:

Which are the best quotes of football history? Hanging by the Football presents a compilation with some of the best sentences pronounced by someone close to football. The importance of character, the impact obtained or opportunism of these, They are part of merit to go out in this peculiar list.

The best phrases in the history of football

1."I do not believe in the improvisations" (Michael Laudrup be offered after going summoned Denmark for Euro 92. Danes end up winning the tournament).

2. "You may no longer have the speed before, but I'm still the best " (Romario, no grandmother).

3. "Florentino is a superior" (I butragueño watching ET).

4. "Scoring goals is like making love, everyone knows how it's done, but neither does it like me " (Di Stefano and his alter ego).

5."Look at me you to ojitos". ( Luis Aragones to Romario explaining the temita).

6. "Neither were not the last shit that shit before Pilate, nor are we now host " (Manolo Preciado).

7. "I will run as a black to live as a white". ( Samuel Etoo).

8. "I do not mind losing every game, as long as we win the League " (Mark Viduka, the inventor of this rare mathematical formula).

René Higuita messed it up but left a good reflection

9. "The three clubs are like an archer prison, but I managed to escape ... although occasionally a policeman catches me and pulls me a shot from half court ". ( René Higuita, captured by Sheriff Robert Milla)

10. "On Monday you want to change them all, Wednesday you think you can save two or three, Friday think you can recover five or six and Sunday play the same eleven bastards always ". (J.B Toshack, after a glass of JB more).

11."Football is a game that pits eleven against eleven and in which Germany always wins" (Gary Lineker, releasing one of the best phrases in football history).

12."Football is not a matter of life or death, It's much more than that" . ( Bill Shanky, the Plato 20th century).

13. "The press is lying. They say I slept with 200 women, but only 100 were " (George Best, a whole genius).

The best phrases in the history of football. George Best
George Best: "The press is lying. They say I slept with 200 women, but it was only 100 ″ PHOTO: Google

14. "I spent a lot of money on cars, Alcohol and women. The rest I squandered " (George Best wisely invest their money).

15. "In 1969 I left women and alcohol. They were the worst 20 minutes of my life ". (George Best was pending business).

Mou, a regular at leaving great phrases

16 ."Wenger has a big problem with us and I think he is a voyeur."( Jose Mourinho is clear that each foot limps).

17. "I'm not the best in the world, but I think there's nobody better than me ". ( The Special One on his line).

18. "If I wanted an easy job, I had stayed in Porto, with a comfortable blue chair, Trophy of the Champions League, God, and after God, I!” ( A Mou he will march).

19 ."Please, I do not call me arrogant just because I tell the truth. I'm European champion and I think I'm special ". (Mourinho arrived at Chelsea anything).

20. " Why? Obrevo, Starck, from Beclerre, Why ?” ( Mourinho in search of truth).

21."Brazilians are in South America. Ukrainians will be more European. " (Phil Neville, Former Manchester United defender discovering the world).

22. "I would play an Italian team. Like Barcelona. " (Mark Draper, teaching geography).

23."It's easier to see a flying pig I rectifies". ( JB now with two more cups).

The best phrases in the history of football
"Mondays always think about switching to ten players, Tuesday at seven or eight, Thursday four, Friday two, and Saturday and I think they have to play the same scumbags "one of the legendary pearls JB. In pure state. Photo: Besoccer

Bujadin Boskov, advanced to his time

24. "Football is unpredictable because all parties begin zero to zero" (Bujadin Boskov applying the theory of evidence).

25. "Winning is better than tie. And tie is better than losing " ( Bujadín now applying common sense).

26. "I'd rather lose a game by nine goals to nine games by one goal"( Boskov addition to common sense was ready).

the best quotes of football history
Bujadin Boskov was another of those who left some of the best phrases in the history of football. PHOTO: The voice of Galicia

27″. "No one doubts that Zidane is a tremendous player, but what Zidane does with a ball, Maradona makes an orange " (Michel Platini without further).

28. "My front should only take fifteen meters, unless they are stupid or they're sleeping ... " (Cruyff, in pure state)

29. "I do not I touched, It was the hand of God ". ( Maradona, about his goal to English).

30."Every team that treats the ball well, While the viewer is. "( Valdano teaching football).

31. "If I do not go out at night, frame no goal. "( Romario had a curious way of concentrating).

32. "No left-handed, not going well head, He does not know win a ball and does goals. Otherwise, it's okay". ( Best halagando a Beckham).

33. "Those who spend the day talking to fight and claw are those that have little to teach". ( Valdano, preaching beautiful game).

34. "Football is football". ( Bujadin Boskov back lit by Divinity).

35. "Some would say that football only interested in winning and others, more guileless, We continue to think that if this is a show also matters like. ” ( Jorge Valdano with his peculiar vision of football).

36. "We played like never before and lost as usual" (Alfredo Di Stefano, bread, bread and wine, wine).

Van Gaal in the times when people wanted to be positive

37."You are wrong, very bad! Always Negative, never positive!”. ( Van Gaal in the times when people wanted to be positive, not like in 2020).

38. "Those of colorao, yours are those of colorao!”. ( Carlos Bilardo, no comment).

39 "Perfect! Tell her it's Pele and immediately return to field!” , (John Lambie, coach Patrick Thistle, when the masseuse told him during a party that one of his players could not remember who he was after a run)..

40. "Noventa minutti en el Bernabéu is very longo" (Juan Gómez "Juanito", giving the letter to rivals).

41. "I told Goiko it was hard to Maradona, but it is that I was told that Maradona was a god of football, Since when the gods are injured? It's not my fault, I was misinformed ... " (Clemente, on how to stop Maradona)

best phrases in the history of football
Goikoetxea took Clemente's phrase at face value. PHOTO: Capture / YouTube

42. "Fernandote is a player lots and mingafría, You will never amount to anything. For me, you go looking team ". (Clemente commenting on Fernando llorente).

43. "I would have been well Manolo Lama had died in 1987. He was not killed by the singing of a hard " ( Javi good).

44. "Yesterday there were seven guys waiting for me at the exit. I can not so many albeit in Bilbao. If they were two or three if, but they were too " ( Good thing is Barakaldo Clemente. Always among the best phrases in the history of football).

Gil, and such, and Gil and such, and Gil….Superstar

45. “If I say black, no problem, but if I say black black black, is very bad…” ( Jesus Gil y Gil giving English lessons).

46. "The street whore, come! I always get the dumbest next. " (direct Gil).

47. "It's a fagot and will be rewarded in your hobby pederast" (Gil told the French referee Michel Vautrot after losing a European party).

48. "When black cut his throat. Fuck the bitch mother who gave birth to black. I'm tired of holding. When I see attitude took over my father. " ( Jesus Gil referring to Adolfo Valencia soothingly. ).

49. "Nunez (former president of FC Barcelona) it is small, unintelligent and braggart. Theirs are always cheap bravado, own a vacuum arrogant intelligence. Galindo, the actor, it is much smarter than he. But nothing happens. When you see Nunez give him a kiss on the mouth, although I have to crouch to get " (Gil about Nuñez, no more).

50. "It's to pick up a gun and shoot them." ( Gil thought, goodness).

51. "It said, wrote ". ( Carlos Bilardo, giving clear instructions to his players about how forcefully defend).

52."Right now it's not possible to win at the Camp Nou". (Schuster signing his death sentence with R. Madrid).

53. "Barcelona Figo will go over my dead body". (Joan Gaspart sticking a glob).

54. "The President of Seville is the second most important person in the world, after Pope ". ( Of the nest, obviating the US president).

55. "Tell him from me that black shit that you're better than him" ( Luis Aragonés to Jose Antonio Reyes RIP the 2).

56."To me they will give me a bouquet of flowers, that does not fit my ass mustache and a prawn " ( Aragones giving show).

We do not know if this was one of the best phrases in the history of football but Floro was marked

57 . "With us we fuck dick, with pito ". ( Benito Floro, caught in the act).

58. "I will not leave Valencia until you win a title". ( Pedja Mijatovic making plans for the future with the devil).

59. "That suck, keep sucking, that keep sucking " ( Maradona teaching babies to feed Mom).

60. "A football match without goals, It's like a Sunday sunless " ( Of Stefano, more truth than a Saint).

61. "I'm going to England to learn English" ( Abel Resino, the Erasmus).

62. "Be careful, I mean it, If my children and my wife do not sleep, No one sleeps in Valencia ". ( Pedro Cortés and Paco Roig starred in Godfather IV).

63. "Let's chorrear Liverpool". ( Vicente Boluda, former president of R.Madrid. and new Rapel. Fair, 4-0 in favor of English).

64."I say what I please, like it or not,and whoever does not agree,you go to hell "(Don Jesus Gil y Gil a phenomenon and a high sense of empathy)

65.””Milan has been in command in recent times with a system that Sabadell used in 1980 ″(José Luis Romero, Sabadell coach 1995 I did not put no colorao).

66. “Football belongs to neither television nor the mobsters, but it belongs to the people”. (Rayo hobby after unease times saying a truth as a temple).

67- “Casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world” (Jose Mourinho, before changing his mind).

68-“For some it is important, but I don't need the Ballon d'Or to know that I'm the best” (Zlatan being Zlatan)

Ibrahimovic don't challenge the virus
“You are not zlatan, don't challenge the virus” Ibrahimovic always Ibra. PHOTO: Youtube

69: "There are two kinds of fighters in street fights. Sticking sees the blood and recoils and sticking, He sees blood and will kill. I come from out there and I swear that smells of blood ". (Marcelo Bielsa before a match with Argentina)

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