Why Argentine teams have English names?

Why Argentine teams have English names?
Why Argentine teams have English names? PHOTO: Clarion

Because the Argentine teams have English names? River Plate, Banfield, News All Boys, Racing Club, All Boys, Boca Juniors, Argentinos Juniors, Chacarita Juniors are just some of the names of the Argentine teams that have Anglo names. Many will wonder how it is possible this strange particularity if it is a Spanish-speaking country and thousands of kilometers of the British Isles.

Why Argentine teams have English names?

The question has an easy answer. On the one hand, due to the massive influx of English immigrants, which they were lodged in Argentina, creating numerous factories and companies and importing football as entertainment element. Many teams were created by English. For other, the vanity Argentina.

For many South Americans take an English name to the new team it was synonymous with fashion and the latest information (for example, Boca Juniors took the name of the neighborhood of La Boca and the word Junior, it was fashionable for young people to successfully reference). Le same with River Plate, which refers to the famous Silver river that bathes the waters of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Now, particularly, in the case of Banfield, The club is named for being the city of Banfield, It began as a train station, Newell's Old Boys takes that name because it is a club emerged from a British school (Newell name) Rosario City.

Argentine teams have English names
Many Argentine teams have English names.

The same thing happened in Uruguay

Precisely, Uruguay has suffered the same process “anglosajonización” their equipment and there are many who share British denominations. Argentina, Uruguay, England, So far and so close. In fact, in Uruguayan soccer we can find teams like Nacional Football, Montevideo Wanderers or Liverpool football club.

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