Five of the best players in the history of Boca

Five of the best players in the history of Boca

Boca Juniors is one of the teams with the most followers of the planet. Team Blue zamarra and gold is not only a benchmark in Argentina but worldwide where fans will have thousands. Is a spectacle to witness a match at the Bombonera where 12 Boca, It is noted and marks the first goal to opponent. Because, faithful to our line, We remember five of the best players in the history of Boca.

Juan roman riquelme

Roman Riquelme is one of those last football romantics, a player with a style of play very remote time of another half prototype. A gamer who has reveled in the 10 Boca at different stages. And it is that Roman went and returned to 4 times Boca. A player, which she will be eternally loved by the faithful of Boca.

Martin Palermo

It is the top scorer in the history of Boca 237 many. A striker race, of those before capable of the best and the worst thing except Boca played virtually his time in Spain with Villarreal (Riquelme also played computer where), Alavés and Betis. He retired wearing blue and gold 2011 con 38 years.

Palermo retired as a hero at home, Boca.
Palermo retired as a hero at home, Boca.

Silvio Marzolini

They say it's one of the best left-backs in the history of Argentina. Juice 12 Boca years where he won 6 titles and became dominating his band, one of the eternal idol Boca where he hung up his boots after 406 parties. Then he coached two different stages Boca in 80 and the 90 where curiously he coincided with Maradona.

Diego Armando Maradona

What can you say about Maradona not know? The largest in the history of the sport for many, God to other, angel and devil on the lawn outside it. Either way, one of the best players who has carried the 10 blue and gold and eternal idol Bombonera.

Maradona with 10 Boca.
Maradona with 10 Boca.

Angel Clemente Rojas

They say those who saw him play was a special player, which dominated like no dribbling as they say in those parts. A different player, precursor Maradona and Riquelme, two authentic magicians of this ball. Juice 10 years and played 222 In addition to winning games 5 titles. A player who the hearts of the fans xeneizes won.

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