Juan roman riquelme, one of the last romantics of the sport

Juan Román Riquelme, uno de los últimos románticos de este deporte

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The beginning of 2015 let us recall one of the last romantics of the sport, and 10 of old-fashioned, one of those hooks as they say in Argentina legend, Juan roman riquelme, possibly one of the best Argentine players of history. Criticized by some and loved by many, especially in your country, Riquelme leaves many actions soccer talent in a sport increasingly eaten by tactical awareness and preparedness. An artist in a little world increasingly full of athletes.

Born a 24 June 1978, Boca was the team of his life he returned at different stages, specifically until 4 times, but also he had an important step for Spain where he arrived to play for Barcelona, where he did not win and where if Villarreal was a key player. Hand his football, the whole of the tiny town of Castellón, grazed on 2006 a Champions League final. Too bad the own Riquelme missed a decisive penalty which would have been historic, Although the stay at the door itself and it was.

Seguramente Roman no olvidará este penalti en 2006.
Roman certainly will not forget this penalty in 2006.

He played three years at Villarreal between 2003 y 2006. He also played for Argentino Juniors, in the second of Argentine soccer, in which was his last team until December 2014. Finally, despite the many rumors, there was a fifth back to Boca and Argentine star decided to hang up his boots 36 years. He also had an outstanding Argentina where the selection step to retirement, was the 10 indisputable, number previously had been Maradona and then inherit such a Messi with coinciding.

Nevertheless, only he played a World Cup with Argentina, the one of 2006 and it was one of the 3 older than 23 allowed in the Olympic selections in the team which won gold at the Olympics 2008 in Beijing. years before, He had been one of the members of a brilliant selection U-20 won in 1997 the South American and World category. He also played in two Copa America 1999 y 2007 and in the Confederations Cup 2005. In 2007 He announced its withdrawal from the selection when Argentina had not met nor 30 years.

At club level he won many titles in four different stages with the Boca among which various Libertadores and Intercontinental won the year 2000 Boca beat Real Madrid in Japan. A magician of football, slow and with little blood for others, He announced he was leaving the football 26 of January of 2015. Adios a player of before, a footballer who played as a romantic football.

Riquelme, un futbolista de los de antes.
Riquelme, a player of before.

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