Najim's goal made champion of Recopa Zaragoza

El gol de Nayim hizo campeón de la Recopa al Zaragoza

Last update 1 February, 2015 por Alberto Llopis

If you're already in their thirties or you're older, certainly remember that goal Najim made champion of the Recopa Zaragoza that now distant 10 de mayo de 1995. A historic milestone, old soccer in a European final when they could cross teams like Zaragoza and the English giants Arsenal and win over.

The final of the Recopa season extinct 1994/95 who played the R. Zaragoza and Arsenal had a totally unexpected ending. One of those with a deed and extrordinario fact that all life remembered. With a tie in the last minute of extra time presaged all penalties would be those who would decide which team would with which it was, the third most important European competition .

Sin embargo, de repente, unexpected happened. nayim He controlled a ball with his chest about 40 meters from the English area, the left bounce, and suddenly let out a shot I shot toward the goal of Seaman, somewhat ahead, but he could do little to be seen as the ball seeped into his goal nets.

The goal earned him a Cup Winners Cup and above all the joy of a team that made fans go wild all those displaced to Princes Park in Paris. Please be memorable video broadcast live not miss the goal by Nayim. A luxury.

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