The Parc des Princes, the football emblem Paris

The Parc des Princes, the football emblem Paris

Every great capital of Europe can boast of having one or more stages of high level. Paris is no exception to the rule and Saint Dennis Stadium and Parc des Princes form part of its architectural offer football-related. Possibly, the most famous of both appointed and is currently the first one, based national team, but not be forgotten the second, genuine emblem of French football during the twentieth century.

And is that the Parc des Princes, one of the oldest stadiums in the world and fourth in capacity in France (48.712) It's all a sports icon in the Gallic country. built a 18 July 1897, its facilities has seen almost everything. With running track until late 60, It was the final goal of the Tour de France since its first edition in 1903 up to 1967 (the last driver to win the last stage finished there was Raymond Poulidor).

The Parc des Princes is a temple of European football.
The Parc des Princes is a temple of European football.

Organized athletics world championships and hundreds of rugby, In addition to the Olympics 1924. as, since its inception football was one of his first identity. House Paris-Saint Germain from 1973, in 1938 It hosted several matches of the third World history, as the spectacular semi-final won by Hungary to Sweden (5-1). Also hosted three European Cup finals, the first of them, the first edition, which he ended with victory of Real Madrid against Stade de Reims by 4-3 with Alfredo Di Stefano and Hector Rial in figures meeting.

Municipal property, but with all seats covered, giving it five star status, 1972 would be one of the key points Coliseum. Charles de Gaulle declared five years before the track is toppled, to devote to host football and rugby, to the detriment of other sports.

controversial measure, but it caused a transformation of the stadium all happened to have 60.000 squares and a considerable change of appearance. Which it did not prevent to continue hosting parties and final to remember. On your lawn, it has been crowned champion of the UEFA Cup 1997-98 Ronaldo with Inter last goal of the famous Brazilian star meeting marked the then powerful Lazio.

For its grass, It has also been seen Najim score a goal from midfield that earned him a Cup Winners Cup (one of the final of this competition contested here), or Liverpool win the European Cup to Real Madrid, just six years after he did Beckenbauer Bayern.

Called “Sounding board” so picked up the enclosure and the strong public pressure (quite in contrast to what happens in other French camps), in his field, Platini's France champion crowned Euro 1984 after Arconada could not tackle a free-kick from 10 French.

Home of the French national team until the construction of Saint Dennis in 1998, there are many who still remember a nation mourn after Bulgaria dismount France World Cup 1994 with a goal in last minute Kostadinov.

maybe, the birth of the National Stadium will remove shine, but not enough to hold him still five games of the World 98 or various meetings of the Rugby World Cup 2007. And it will not be the last big event. The stadium will host several games of the Euro 2016. The Parc des Princes is eternal.

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