Those games Europe-America selections or national-rest of the world

Those games Europe-America selections or national-rest of the world
Zidane vs Ronaldo in one of the last matches that took place between Europe and the rest of the world. PHOTO: Google

There was a time, in the football of before in which Europe-America matches were played. Let's take the time machine and relive those famous friendly matches that raised blisters all over the planet. The famous duels between powerful national teams and the rest of the world combined, or going beyond, the confrontation that a 31 October 1973 Europe-America staged at Camp Nou.

Those Europe-America matches

Voracity today, an increasingly tight schedule leaves little time for such distant and interesting initiatives like these. Why would anyone not like to have the great stars of the moment in the same team for once against, for example, Spain?, Germany, Italy, England or Brazil? Well, that now seems so remote was something not often but at least sporadic at other times.

One of those friendly clashes of more depth and relevance due to the quality of the opponents is the one already mentioned Europe-America match. A quote in style but with little input (15.000 viewers) held in Barcelona which was the best of the two footballing continent par excellence. On the European side ,were figures of the level of Johan Cruyff, Franz Beckenbauer, Juan Sol O Eusebio. On the American side (more specifically American), They walked talents Cubillas, Sotil, Rivelino, Brindisi, Fernando Morena and Hector Chumpitaz, the man who scored the final 4-4 with which he ended the game '(America would win on penalties) and that would be gained following hence the nickname “captain America”, not in vain exercised such condition.

Whatever the outcome it was nice to see a magical trio together as Eusebio, Cruyff or Beckenbauer to delight viewers and see what combination was better. An interesting initiative and one that has pitted the two continents, although there have been similar events under other names.

Those matches between national teams and teams from the rest of the world

England played against a combined example of the rest of the world to commemorate the centenary of football in the years 60 except where Pelé (Santos did not want to send if it was injured) and Rivera were the best of the best on the planet with Yashin (USSR), Soskic (Yugoslavia), Djalma Santos (Brazil), Eyzaguirre (Chile), Popluhar, Pluskal s Masopust (Czechoslovakia), Schnellinger y Uwe Seeler (Germany), In total (France), Baxter y Law (Scotland), Eusebio (Portugal) and Di Stéfano Madridistas, Puskas and Gento.

It was not the only example. Brazil also did, and in the years 80 Y 90 there were several encounters more of such caliber. In 1990, a 22 February in Tokyo appointment players were given the likes of Platini, Socrates, Butragueño, Michel, Rummeningge, Plaff, Kempes or Maradona himself as a prelude to the World Italy 90.

Something that would be repeated in 1992, in 1995 O 1997 and it would have the pleasure of the best players of those times. And is that until the season 98-99 It was normal that every so often the stars of the moment to get together on the same football field. But nevertheless, lack of competitiveness and “absence of a true official title” They ended up taking its toll on this initiative, that despite, level marketing itself could be optimal today.

Europe-America matches
What a shame that these 3 They will only get together for friendlies of this type. PHOTO: Twitter/ 90´S FUTBOL

Who would win today?

One of the biggest questions is who would win today if they played Europe-America matches or who has had the best players throughout history. Surely, the first thing nobody will know if you do not play again. The second is even more complicated to solve. Both continents have always provided the best of the best, although with different characteristics in general (we must have some logical exceptions). European players often or have been stronger standard, faster and better tactically. The most creative South American, more technical and better ball-striking.






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