Eusebio, the Mozambique panther

Eusebio, the Mozambique panther
Eusebio Panther, one of the best strikers in history, una de las referencias de los 60's. PHOTO: AS

Many times life is a chance and if not tell that to your character: el genial Eusebio. The “pantera from Mozambique”, this spectacular player of the year 60 football dazzled by its verticality, accuracy and goleadora. A mixture of all in one,which made him one of the best players in the history of Portugal together to the Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo o Paulo Futre.

Mozambique career arrival happened to Portugal

Born in 1942 in the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique, la llegada de Eusebio Portugal was marked by fortune. Their good work in the team of Sporting Lourenço Márquez (actual Maputo, Mozambique capital), It was clear where noted for his goals, his young age and tremendous speed (not in vain, I was able to run the 100 meters in 10,8 seconds, solo 8 tenths above the world record). However, presaged nothing would get arriving in Lisbon the way you would.

Marquez being Laurenco subsidiary of Sporting Lisbon, his future seemed to be attached to the blanquiverdes. However, a conversation in a hair salon in the Portuguese capital about a boy who excelled in Mozambique almost supernatural made Bela Guttman, then Benfica coach, decided to change the course of history.

Amazed at the flood of praise from several clients, the Hungarian coach of Benfica did not think twice and decided to go see him live Mozambique, where he confirmed the words of the men did nothing more than reflect the talent of a hulking football player.

Nevertheless, there was a major stumbling block to Pearl 17 recalase years at the Estadio da Luz. Eusebio playing in the branch of Sporting had promised to join the ranks of the club sportinguista. Nevertheless, Guttman decided to throw the house out the window and offered him twice what he charged the star of the team at that time, el genial Mario Column.

The odyssey to reach Portugal, worthy of a film of the time

However, it was not easy arrival of the player to Portugal because of the potential conflict that could arise between Sporting and Benfica. Hence his trip to Europe was worthy of a “oscar” Best Screenplay science fiction.. Eusebio was driven in a car apart to the same bridge of the flight he took Maputo International Airport for Lisbon, to avoid being seen by people who did not rise to the plane.

He arrived in the Portuguese capital, el Benfica, he feared the great rival cared to kidnap his jewel, I send it by the very fact to a secluded place in the Algarve, where he spent ten days. And even if the investigation Sporting had been thorough enough to check the lists of guests at hotels in the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, They would not have smelled the calico: Eusebio was registered under the name of ... Ruth Malosso!

Eusebio scored a time Benfica. PHOTO: AS

From there, and it was easier for the big Eusebio. So much, that the position has already been won for the first team in his first training session, despite being initially fated to play in the subsidiary. The first campaign in the Portuguese team could not be luckier. The team won the league and the European Cup to the almighty Barcelona in the final of the four posts mythical Berne.

Such was the brilliance in the Paris International Tournament, despite losing Benfica with Pele for Santos strong 6-3, Eusebio was the feeling to score a hat-trick in front of himself O'Rei that earned the headline in France Football “Eusebio 3- Pele 2”.

Protagonist of the glorious era of Benfica

Was that the beginning of a glorious era with Benfica, I would have another stellar point next season, the 61-62, where the team repeated Lisbon European crown by defeating Real Madrid 5-3 with doublet Panther. The following years devoted myth, he would retire after fifteen years with Benfica 10 alloys Portuguese, 5 Cups and 2 European Cups behind him. All of this, plus a Golden Ball (in it 65) and seven titles of top scorer in the Portuguese league. Total, the whopping of 317 goals in 301 parties. Almost anything apparatus.

Eusebio won the Golden Boot.
Eusebio won the Golden Boot. PHOTO: Doll

Star of the Portuguese national team in the 60-70

With the selection, Eusebio Triumph also taking Portugal to the semifinals of England World Cup 66. Precisely, their quarter-final against North Korea will be remembered in the annals of football as one of the greatest feats ever made by a player. Con 0-3 against, Eusebio the team went to the back and managed to score four goals to finish bulldozing Portugal Korea 5-3.

Only the host, England, in the semifinals would be able to end the Lusitanian (3-1), in a match where again Eusebio iba a marcar. A meeting that relegated Panther have to fight for third place, who won the USSR in half with his. Nevertheless, his role in the World Cup ended with the title of top scorer and best player. And the conviction that Eusebio He was the best player in the world, well above Pele.

Eusebio and Pele, two legends that coincided in time.
Eusebio and Pele, two legends that coincided in time. PHOTO: Google

He retired in 1978 and he died in early January 2014

In 1975, con 33 years, Eusebio He decided to leave the top-level football and play in North America, first in America and then in Mexico to finally hang up his boots in 1978 with Las Vegas Quicksilver. It was the epilogue to one of the largest in history. . Eusebio died one 5 of January of 2014 when they had left 20 days to comply 72 years.

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