Five of the best goalkeepers in the history of the League

Cinco de los mejores porteros de la historia de la Liga
Ricardo Zamora in the cold in the old Les Corts.

Last update 7 April, 2018 por Alberto Llopis

They say that to be a goalkeeper, one has to be made of a special paste, sometimes even crazy. It is also possibly the place where most mistakes are magnified and where more. We've already talked about five of the best defenses, side lefties, and front ends of the League history. We propose five of the best goalkeepers.

  • Ricardo Zamora: the divine was the first great doorman of the history not only of Spain but maybe football. Football in prehistory, their stalls and performances became legendary to the point of making him a legend. He invented his own stop, “the Zamorana” and he played in Barcelona, Real Madrid and Spanish.
  • Iker Casillas: discussed at its output and almost rejected by many possibly born when Iker began to emerge, nobody can deny that this is one of the best for career, titles, regularity and performance for memory. His last years were not good but his impeccable track record in League. Uno de los grandes.
  • Luis Arconada: the legendary keeper of the Royal Society and of course the Spanish selection. a lifetime in goal leaving masterful performances. If you have a certain age will remember that from “no pasa nada, we have Arconada”. A great goalkeeper despite the tremendous blur that left his mistake in the final of Euro 1984.
  • Antoni Ramallets: It is next to the goalkeeper Victor Valdes who more times has won the Zamora trophy. Mythical Barcelona goalkeeper during 15 años, He also played in Europe, San Fernando, Real Valladolid and Mallorca. Dubbed the Cat Maracana for their excellent performances in the World Cup in Brazil 1950, on merit is one of the best.
  • Santi Canizares: Santi Cañizares is one of the best goalkeepers has given the history of Spain. Cañete was a spectacular goalkeeper who perhaps did not reach the impact deserved. I still had an impressive career. Winner of four trophies Zamora, Porter was the best time in the history of Valencia, winning many titles, but perhaps not with Spain had deserved impact. He also played for Celta and Real Madrid.

Obviously, the subject is for more than five names so surely we return with Part Two, three, four or even five if necessary.

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