The three worst goalkeepers in the history of Hercules Alicante

Los tres peores porteros de la historia del Hércules de Alicante

Last update 17 July, 2016 por Alberto Llopis

After the article 10 best players in the history of Hercules Alicante bring you this new release but this time 3 worst goalkeepers in recent history of the Alicante club.

The first list is the French goalkeeper Gaetan "Huard" landing at Alicante in summer 1996. Hercules meanwhile returned this season (96/97) to the First Division after ten-year journey through the desert. It was the season of galactic, a scorer Ronaldo in the F.C. Barcelona de Robson, Capello and Madrid one of the best leagues in living memory. To his 34 years at the time, Huard was one of the most sought-after goalkeepers in French football and came with the band of star, her hair gave her own characterization of a rock singer.

His memory was indelible in Alicante with its sung. No nothing bad had a curriculum,. Still today, desde la temporada 1992/93, holds the unbeaten record of a goalkeeper in the Ligue 1 (he remained 1.176 minutes without conceding a goal while defending the goal of Girondins). He even played in the UEFA Cup final with a young Zidane as a teammate but during his time in Alicante all that seemed to be forgotten.. In his debut in the first division in the Rico Pérez against C.D. Extremadura left a pearl as an unnecessary penalty in a bad start, leading to the first goal in the history of Extremadura in the top category.

During that season in the First Division with Hercules Alicante, the goal conceded a whopping 20 goals in just ten games. The peak of his misfortune as Espanyol came at the Mestalla awaited provincial derby against Valencia 23 from December to 1996. After many years without visiting Mestalla in the top flight and despite the poor league start, alicantinos were thrilled with Community derby. Two meta capital sung in separate outputs of the goal put the finishing touch to a stage that certainly remember as dark goalkeeper.

Huard lo hizo tan mal como el que hizo su cromo.
Huard did as badly as he made his chrome. One of the worst goalkeepers in the history of Hercules.

The herculana fans in the stands that night sang Mestalla; "Tafarel, Tafarel, Tafarel "Brazilian international goal sounded like substitute for Huard (Hercules finally signed the Principe Peter Rufai), that match in Valencia was the last of Gaetan Huard as goalkeeper Hercules Alicante and as a professional since he announced his retirement. He is currently a commentator for Canal + France.

The second list is Sergio Sánchez. Dizziness and formed an important but limited curriculum minutes, was an alternate in clubs such eternal Spanish, Atlético de Madrid or Getafe. The Spaniard took on the challenge to take the goal Hercules 2005-2006 on his return to Second Division after six long seasons in 2B. The goal had a bad season in which there were numerous errors that made doubt the parish suffered herculana.

The league start with Sergio Sanchez as a starter was grim two draws (Malaga B and Almeria) and two defeats (Gimnastic and Castilla). Poor performance at the Bernabeu against Castilla fitting one 3-0 and doubts against Gimnastic goalkeeper and Almería did the rest. The match against Almería, He marked the beginning of its end with two clamorous mistakes that ripped the wrath of the tier Rico Pérez. Goalkeeper entered a state of mind and terribly, Nevertheless he continued giving confidence to accumulate 17 games in the first round and fit 21 goals surpassing its negative average Gaetan Huard. After that season Sergio Sanchez gave with his bones in the Third Division after two seasons to return to Sporting Gijon as substitute goalkeeper.

A Sergio Sánchez no le fue nada bien en el Hércules.
A Sergio Sanchez did not do anything right in Hercules.

The third on the list arrived that same season 2005-2006. It was the Uruguay Jimmy Schmidt what It landed in Alicante in the winter to replace the aforementioned Sergio Sanchez being the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of the Alicante club. The signing was involved in much controversy, he was an unknown keeper Fernando Roig by (It was a director of Hercules months but this we leave for another occasion) He paid on account of Hercules Alicante lot of money.

Do your numbers? Four games, four goals scored and end of his story in Hercules. Perhaps some reader begins to understand how it is possible that a club like Hercules currently in the delicate economic situation that is currently (among many other reasons why Schmidt's for many seasons). His debut came in a Malaga B 1-1 Hércules C.F. un 28 of January of 2006. But the party that defines its passage by the Hercules was the one who played against Real Madrid Castilla of Mata, Soldado and company in which conceded an avoidable goal scored from Mata. The goalkeeper gave clear signs of having no level to play in European football and run run in the stands and could not stop, I hope someday to have the ins and outs of this signing. After that season the goal returned to Uruguay and nothing more was heard.

Jimmy Schmidt jugó en el Hércules.
Jimmy Schmidt played for Hercules.

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