The biggest fiascos in expensive signings League

Los mayores fiascos en fichajes caros de la Liga
Some of the biggest fiascos in expensive signings League. Foto: video Premium / AGG Dominio Público

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The Spanish League is giving us the opportunity to enjoy some of the best players in football history, as well they indicate cases of Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Sin embargo, are not so many who remember those who landed in some of our championship team with the band (and the price) stars and you could say ended estrellados. Here we recall a few.

Los mayores fiascos en fichajes en la historia del fútbol español

Nicolas Anelka.

The French player joined Real Madrid from Arsenal in 1999 as a world star by 5.600 millones de pesetas (33,7 mill. of euros), a transfer record at the time for the Spanish championship. His eccentricities and his unique personality prevailed over his unquestionable talent and even led it out from the team during 45 days for its technical Vicente Del Bosque. Eso sí, in the final stretch of the season he returned to the team and was instrumental in achieving the 8th European Cup team. At the conclusion of that course was transferred to PSG.

Denilson de Oliveira.

En 1998 Real Betis in the Manuel Ruiz de Lopera pulled the house out the window disbursing 5.300 millones de pesetas (casi 32 mill. of euros) And going well in contention for signing the Brazilian striker to many of the powerful in Europe, thereby consummating at that time was the most expensive player in the world. To his 21 years all augured a brilliant career, but the price of his move outweighed their quality and became one of the biggest failed promises. From there he would go lurching country and equipment until his retirement in Greek Kavala. At the end of his career he began playing regularly at poker tournaments to become a regular on media as PokerNews Spain that sports daily use.


This came in Croatian footballer 1991 to Real Madrid for a 550 million pesetas hand president Ramon Mendoza who advanced in his move to Milan. Three league titles with Red Star, newly proclaimed champion of the European Cup and only 22 años, He had dazzled Europe with his spectacular football. Continuous injuries made him worthy of being included in that list lamentable great players butter. Those endless physical problems were also added other factors such as his fondness for parties, night and snuff. Striking that after his move from Real Madrid to Real Oviedo where he played one season, It recalase after this at FC Barcelona where only participated in 22 games in two seasons. Later also played for Sevilla.

Roberto Rios.

Tras 5 Betis seasons as player, Basque plant was signed in 1997 by Athletic Club by 2.000 millones de pesetas (12 mill. of euros), becoming the most expensive signing of a Spanish player so far. His performance was well below expectations and was widely criticized, even losing the title on your computer.

Ricardo Kaka.

The Brazilian landed in 2009 Real Madrid from AC Milan as one of the galactic Florentino Perez after paying 65 millions of euros. He came to the capital of Spain with Golden Ball under the arm, plus a world championship title and Scudetto. Estuvo 4 seasons at Real Madrid before leaving the MSL with a sad baggage of 29 goals in 120 matches and it was not even a shadow of what was expected. Comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo who had also signed the same summer that Kaka made it even smaller.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The great Swedish player was 2009 the great signing of FC Barcelona released by him 46 million euros plus the transfer of Samuel Eto'o (worth about 20 millions), in addition to 5 million in compensation for the non-transfer of Hleb was initially included in the operation. En total 71 million that made him the most expensive signing in the history of the Catalan club. Despite to score in the 5 first matches of the championship and end the season with 22 many (17 en liga), It became quite questioned. The bad relationship with his coach Pep Guardiola of the same Zlatan has spoken on multiple occasions, also alleged inconsistency with Messi, caused that after a single season as Barca out on loan to Milan with an option to purchase only 24 million Italians made effective at end of season. Undoubtedly one of the most ruinous business of the Catalans taking into account the incredible benefits that the Swede has shown both before and after passing through Barcelona.

These players who for one reason or another failed to aggrandize the clubs who thought can add many more names who went through the same experience, These could be cases Cassano o Woodgate at Real Madrid; Chygrynskiy o Arda Turan en el Barcelona; Look for it o Observance at Atlético de Madrid; Bebeto o Koné in Seville or Romario en el Valencia. Talent is not always synonymous with success.

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