very good players, but hit by injuries

very good players, but hit by injuries
Marco Van Basten was the "Killer" the great Milan of Arrigo Sacchi and the Netherlands 80. Injuries ended his career prematurely.

There are a number of players whose talent is undeniable but have been hit by injuries. Huge class players capable of deciding matches through their individual quality or save matches thanks to its huge decision. But nevertheless, If the field are practically perfect, outside the, They have a problem: They are butter. They live on the edge of the lesion, that damn traveling companion than a few players.

In Europe and in the world there have been and there are many examples of them. Vicente Rodriguez It has been one of the clearest exponents. On track to be one of the best left ends in a while, ankle injury fulminated a meteoric career that led him to fall and fall on the same stone.

Vicente and injuries. A real soap opera.
Vicente and injuries. A real soap opera.

Footballers too punished by injuries

One of the most significant cases is German Ebert that we saw play at a high level in Valladolid. A player very prone to muscle problems. His ability to hit the ball was undeniable but…so is your problem with the physical. His career faded greatly by this problem.

Ebert closely resembles Arjen Robben, a player of that ease is remembered to go to the doctor for their fibrillar breaks due in part to its enormous power and torn. He retired in 2019.

No class had torn but Robert Prosinecki, who in 1992 it had accumulated (besides parties and women) five muscle injuries in a short period of nine months. The Croatian was pure talent and too frequent visitor to visit doctors as it was Jonathan Woodgate that in two years just passing through Madrid could play ten games (with two own goals) because of numerous physical problems.

The Croatian could only show his enormous quality white club.
The Croatian could only show his enormous quality white club.

Of course, for the problems of Ludovic Delporte, former Osasuna player, that sand he came to injure 19 times since 2006 until the 2010 going under the knife in 3 occasions. although possibly, the more fragile and more quality player has been such a Marco Van Basten. One of a kind that had the misfortune of not being able to give the maximum because of his ankles, however something, Yes he could get another of those players hit by injuries, Ronaldo.

If you remember some other players butter or glass, Leave us your contributions in the comments section.

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