Worst Brazilians who played in the Spanish League

Worst Brazilians who played in the Spanish League
George Lucas was a Brazilian fullback named film director who hardly played for several seasons Celta. PHOTO: Atlantic Journal

Who are the worst Brazilians who played in the Spanish League? Brazil has always been an exporter of talent in the world of football. Since the days of Pele, Garrincha and company, even before, Brazilian player prototype varied but generally talented, It has been highly demanded in the various leagues in Europe.

Thousands have played in they say is the best football in the world, the Spanish. But many of those who have reached the League have gone frog. We recall some of the worst Brazilians who played in the Spanish League.

Thiago Carleto

When Thiago Carleto joined Valencia from Brazil, some other local journalist threw himself into the pool to say that the new valencianista acquisition was the new Roberto Carlos. It did not matter that it was a footballer with little shooting in football elite and virtually, It had started two days ago in professional football. Mestalla club did not hesitate to squander 2 million euros on a player not worth anywhere near.

In December 2008, Valencia fichaba this Brazilian fullback born in 1989 he had his debut as a professional with Santos 2007. In the mean season he wore the shirt valencianista only disputed 76 curdling minutes more than modest performance and obviously making it clear that their operation on his way to being a sporting and economic failure umpteenth. Something that was confirmed by his assignment to Elche where he played 3 parties and his return to Brazil.


It is possibly one of the pufos largest in the history of the Spanish League. The Brazilian arrived in the winter market 1997 Deportivo La Coruna, He went down in history as one of the weakest players who have gone through the League. For their discrete numbers, few benefits, for the money the club Coruñes paid for his transfer and above all by the same player, It was thought to be much higher than it actually was.

Renaldo, It came at the height of two other Brazilian stars who triumphed in the league, with only matched in most of the name. Unfortunately for him, Strong decided to start his career in the Spanish League proclaiming in his presentation that he was the "mix" of Ronaldo and Rivaldo, to finish concluding it was like Ronaldo but without or, the only differences that separated them, They were simply orthographic. At those moments, Ronaldo was the best striker in the world by far and Rivaldo one of the most talented football players universe. As expected, It was not even close to triumph in Spanish football.

worst Brazilians who played in the Spanish League
Ronaldo said it was like without or. The truth is that their performance was weak. PHOTO:Panini

Claudemir Vitor

He was elected to the right side of Real Madrid back in September 1993. The real Madrid, pined for the services of a young Cafu already he pointed as the best side in the world. The Sao Paulo, He came to a strange agreement with the then president of Real Madrid, the always controversial Ramon Mendoza. that agreement, was that the Brazilian club, Cafu endured another season as he gave way to Vítor. Frog thing came as Cafu never wore the white shirt and Madrid took a player whose passage through the Real Madrid would be short-lived.

Sold as another Cafu, The Brazilian was sold as a genius from the side despite arriving with few references regarding their game. By agents, It was a fast player, good defensively and had been international with Brazil on three occasions. To give you an idea, Upon arrival in Madrid, Vitor, He was asked about his knowledge of such a big club like white.

Neither short nor lazy, affirm not know and the Quinta del Vulture, or how many titles had the Real Madrid. Clearly, Google did not exist but Real Madrid was to spare known in the world. Brazil, almost I did not know that team fichaba, with the beginning, it presaged a bad end. Mendoza himself came to brand him “firecracker”.


Surely a few Barcelona fans will ring them the name of Keirrison. Brazil, It was signed in 2009 by the FC Barcelona club to the tune of 16 million euros performing a lamentable operation, while the player became the club's history not get to debut or play or a party with Barca. Just let the photos of your presentation.

worst Brazilians who played in the league
Keirrison in its unique image as Barcelona player: when he posed with the shield. Photo: As

Born in 1988, I had just played a few games as a pro when the Barcelona sports management noticed him and insisted on signing a player who obviously was not prepared to give such an important leap to such a powerful club like Barcelona. In fact, the business was so poor that the player spent his 5 year loan contract from club to club.


The Spanish league is full of great pufos in recent years of the twentieth century. The end of the 90's in European football was marked by the famous "Bosman ruling" that together with the "Boom" TV, they allowed the Spanish League reached a number of players with a rather weak level, which they reached gold price, with debatable prestige and are based on the current indebtedness of many clubs.

This left-back, Brazilian Portuguese passport but, who arrived in Zaragoza with the distinction of being "the new Roberto Carlos", It was one of them. The truth is that their level was far from reality. Januário José Marcelo Araújo, better known as Esquerdinha for the rest, He joined Real Zaragoza from the Oporto by 500 million pesetas back in 2001. Born in 1972, it was assumed that quality had, speed, power and travel, qualities for which, supposedly, He had triumphed in Portuguese football.

The truth is that on arrival at Zaragoza raised the first suspicions when he saw his poor form, past kilos, and the elastic brand "Kappa" that looked Zaragoza at that time did not help much. Obviously, He did not complete a great career in Spanish football. He died of a heart attack 31 October 2018, to the 46 years.

Carlos Alberto Jordao

He signed him in Cadiz 1991-92 but his performance was pretty weak, while passing through the gaditano team was as irrelevant as the two games he played. Specific, disputed 75 minutes against Real Zaragoza (0-0) Y 16 minutes in the next match against Real Oviedo (2-1) and no again he wears the yellow jersey Cadiz and he was seen again by the League.

Pedro Oldoni

He was one of the signings of Real Valladolid winter 2008-09 but he left frog. Juice 6 parties throughout the second round, He scored a goal and disappeared from the map to go sticking drifter different countries without much luck.

Brazilian worst in the history of the League
Pedro Oldoni the day of his presentation Pucela. PHOTO: Globe Sports


With this name one could think that this Brazilian player who signed Racing de Santander of the season 2002-03 was a phenomenon. But nothing further than reality. Messías passed with more pain than glory and only played 4 matches that to make matters worse, his team lost. He then disappeared into minor profile clubs in his country.

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