Large pufos of the Spanish League: Claudemir Vitor

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Claudemir Vitor was elected to the right side of Real Madrid back in September 1993. The real Madrid, pined for the services of a young Cafu already he pointed as the best side in the world. The Sao Paulo, He came to a strange agreement with the then president of Real Madrid, the always controversial Ramon Mendoza. that agreement, was that the Brazilian club, Cafu endured another season as he gave way to Vítor. Frog thing came as Cafu never wore the white shirt and Madrid took a player whose passage through the Real Madrid would be short-lived.

Sold as another Cafu, The Brazilian was sold as a genius from the side despite arriving with few references regarding their game. By agents, It was a fast player, good defensively and had been international with Brazil on three occasions. To give you an idea, Upon arrival in Madrid, Vitor, He was asked about his knowledge of such a big club like white. Neither short nor lazy, affirm not know and the Quinta del Vulture, or how many titles had the Real Madrid. Clearly, Google did not exist but Real Madrid was to spare known in the world. Brazil, almost I did not know that team fichaba, with the beginning, it presaged a bad end.

Vítor came with 22 years and was unable to demonstrate a capacity to play at a club like Real Madrid. His performance was limited to three games absolutely disastrous and ended up being named by Ramon Mendoza, as a “firecracker” after a match against Oviedo. Vítor returned to Brazil, He did not even midseason and 1998 he recrossed with Real Madrid in the Copa Libertadores, where he finished sitting after a great cut of Raul in the goal that gave the Intercontinental title to the white team. Remember the “the goal aguanís?, because the defense that Raul was left looking the same Vitor. During his time at Real Madrid he was seen in “cromos”, never better said.

Vitor saw in cromos at Real Madrid, never better said.
Vitor saw in cromos at Real Madrid, never better said.
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