The best players in the history of Denmark

Los mejores jugadores de la historia de Dinamarca
Who are the best players in the history of Denmark? PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

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¿Quiénes son los best players in Danish history? The Danish, They starred in one of the great machadas in the history of football when en 1992 They managed to win a European Championship for they were not classified. The Danes had not managed to qualify in qualifying but the terrible Balkan War that hit the area in the early 90 He ended the disqualification of Yugoslavia and therefore the entry of the Danes who were left behind in the qualifying round Yugoslavs.

Who is the best footballer in the history of Denmark?

Michael Laudrup is the best player in the history of Denmark. Magic, imagination, game viewing…the Great Dane played in teams like Juventus, el FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Ajax among others besides being the banner of the Danish national team between half the 80 and late 90. Not in vain, He was present at the World Championships Mexico 86 y Francia 98 aunque no en la famosa Eurocopa de 1992 where you do not want to participate.

Apart from Michael Laudrup, Who are the best players in the history of Denmark?

The list of the best Danish players in history gives to many big names of European football in recent decades it is that there are few excellent players that the Nordic country has left us in recent times. Apart from Michael Laudrup, who are the best?

Brian Laudrup

Michael's brother, one of the leaders of those heroes 1992. With his brother, were the dinamita roja of the Danish national team for a long time. He completed a great race teams like Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, Milán, Glasgow Rangers, Chelsea and Ajax as well as leading with his brother the Danish national team between 1987 y 1998. Los hermanos Laudrup son parte importante en la lista de los mejores jugadores de la historia de Dinamarca.

mejores jugadores de la historia de Dinamarca
Los hermanos Laudrup son 2 de los mejores jugadores que ha dado Dinamarca. FOTO: X

Peter Schmeichel

For many one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. Peter Schmeichel It was a legend in goal during the decade 90 where he became the best goalkeeper in the world. Especially at Manchester United where he became a legend in 292 parties but also played for teams like Sporting Lisbon, Aston Villa or City among others.

The selection was the Danish goalkeeper in all major events between late 80 y principios de los 2000 being Euro 1992, his greatest achievement as an international. Your son Kasper He took over with his gloves in goal for the Danish national team in the second decade of the twenty-first century as the Leicester goalkeeper who made history by winning the Premier 2015-16. And while, doing good that such a father like son, attaching his name to the list parents and children soccer players.

Morten Olsen

He was named Danish player of the year 1983 y 1986. Not in vain, He had a long career between 1970 y 1989 it took to play well in their home country, in Belgium and Germany. Then he had a long career as coach Danish. Uno de los mejores jugadores la historia de Dinamarca.

Allan Simonsen

Simonsen was one of the best wingers in the world in his time, something that was recognized with the award of the Ballon d'Or in 1977 and being voted the best player in Europe this year. He was a step between the club 1979 y 1982.

Christian Eriksen

El drama y la angustia se vivió un cada vez más lejano 12 de junio de 2021. Era el día en que Dinamarca debutaba en la Eurocopa en su propio país, pero el fútbol dio un susto tremendo cuando Christian Eriksen sufrió un paro cardíaco y cayó al suelo en unos momentos que fueron muy tensos y que a punto estuvieron de costarle la vida el futbolista danés.

Pero 1.100 days after vivió su particular resurrección volviendo a marcar un gol con la zamarra de Dinamarca. Y es que Eriksen, it is without a doubt, uno de the best footballers in the history of Denmark. Un futbolista que aún tiene mucha guerra que dar.

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