Spanish Primera Division a decade ago

La Primera División española hace una década

Last update 5 December, 2014 by Alberto Llopis

How was the Spanish first division just a decade ago, In the season 2004/05?. Almost full 2015, Colgadosporelfutbol want to go 10 years ago to see how it was the top flight of Spanish football that season. If you recently we told how football had changed since the crisis Now we go even further back. So was football for some and for others.

In that season in the First Division teams they were: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villarreal, Betis, Espanyol, Sevilla, Deportivo, Valencia, Real society, Málaga, Levante, Zaragoza, Athletic, Atlético de Madrid, Racing, Albacete, Numancia, health, Getafe and Mallorca. Ten years later they are in the top flight 13 from them ( Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Espanyol, Levante, Valencia, Villarreal, Real society, Málaga, Deportivo, Athletic, Atlético de Madrid and Getafe) and seven, They found in Second ( Racing, Betis, Mallorca, Numancia, Zaragoza, Albacete and Osasuna.

Barcelona won the league with 84 points, far from the nearly 100 I add now followed by Real Madrid made 80. The third place went to Villarreal and fourth for Betis. Both agreed to the Champions. UEFA was for Espanyol and Sevilla. The decline was for Albacete, Numancia and Levante. The first two were down all season but the case was traca Levante. Granota came to be in positions of Champions in the day 10 and lack of 18 points for playing, unnerved 11 Mallorca who also had won him two games, Osea 12 points but at a stretch horrific, Therefore a second round nefarious, They ended down.

David Beckham intenta zafarse de Celestini y Rivera en eL Real Madrid-Levante de la 2004/05.
David Beckham tries to wriggle out of Celestini and Rivera in the Real Madrid-Levante of 2004/05.

On the issue of Pichichi it is where most of the changes and differences in the last ten years notice. The top scorer was Diego Forlan from Villarreal, something that would be unthinkable today with the might of Madrid and Barcelona. Also the marked Uruguayo 25 goals in 38 parties, goals almost ten years later Ronaldo leads 14 parties. But with that amount, was Golden Boot. The Portuguese certainly played that year at Manchester United where he was still a young man to exploit and Messi was a youth who had just debut with Barca zamarra. They were still far from the monsters who are now but pointed and good manners.

Make 10 years, teams upper middle class were also much more potent and differences were minor. Villarreal had the likes of Riquelme and Forlan, Real Sociedad with Kovacevic and Nihat, Zaragoza with people like beginning to Villa thrashing, Betis played with Edu-Oliveira front and thus practically almost all teams First, They had some high level player. Zamora was Valdes who conceded Barca 25 goals followed by Casillas 30 and Leo Franco was the goalkeeper of Atletico with 32. A decade and as is logical, many changes. We hope to continue in 10 years what's happening today.

De esta guisa lucía un prometedor Iniesta hace una década.
In this manner he sported a promising Iniesta a decade ago.

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