A League of contrasts

The Liba BBVA has brought this weekend many contrasts that make it increasingly more difficult to decipher. Saturday, big day. goals, many goals (not so much good game) in two games exciting and thrilling, a party of old, Valencia-Athletic, and other flavored late 90 and early 2000, Depor- Barcelona. Real Madrid and Malaga also did enjoy their fans with their victories.

On Sunday, but nevertheless, the great Depression. In the morning, in Getafe, We were able to see those empty bleachers that are both starting to attend by the Spanish stadiums. Very poor entry Alfonso Pérez Muñoz who turns to reconsider whether game schedules and tickets are the most appropriate in these times of crisis. except Riazor, Camp Nou and the Bernabeu are very few stages that begin to give assistance more than worthy. But perhaps Getafe takes the palm of the hand.

Statistics season home games 2012-13:

# Team Sum Matches Media
1 FC Barcelona FC Barcelona 298.679 4 74.670
2 Real Madrid Real Madrid 213.000 3 71.000
3 Atletico Madrid Atletico Madrid 166.000 4 41.500
4 Valencia CF Valencia CF 114.000 3 38.000
5 Sevilla FC Sevilla FC 111.000 3 37.000
6 Athletic Bilbao Athletic Bilbao 140.000 4 35.000
7 Real Betis Real Betis 133.440 4 33.360
8 Deportivo La Coruna Deportivo La Coruna 84.000 3 28.000
9 Málaga CF Málaga CF 74.252 3 24.751
10 Real society Real society 66.000 3 22.000
11 Real Zaragoza Real Zaragoza 84.000 4 21.000
12 Espanyol Barcelona Espanyol Barcelona 61.934 3 20.645
13 Granada CF Granada CF 61.000 3 20.333
14 Celtic vigo Celtic vigo 68.926 4 17.232
15 CA Osasuna CA Osasuna 44.490 3 14.830
16 Real Valladolid Real Valladolid 56.456 4 14.114
17 Levante UD Levante UD 53.873 4 13.468
18 RCD Mallorca RCD Mallorca 48.076 4 12.019
19 Getafe CF Getafe CF 31.000 3 10.333
20 Vallecano Ray Vallecano Ray 38.247 4 9.562

The afternoon was still perhaps worse. The tie 0 Osasuna and Betis and away win of the Zaragoza in Granada they did not save a few hours where Spanish radios have come to talk about everything except the First Division. Liga Adelante, the second B or matters outside sport are increasingly recurrent time in those radio programs that once enjoyed much popularity and they see as the League schedules they are bringing more and more problems and difficulties.

A nice, many contrasts that have to lead to where football is in Spain. Maybe, directly you have to do without on Sunday and played every Saturday. As they do with most parties in Germany and England. Why, in the end, as the saying: and on the seventh day, god rest.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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