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The peculiarities of the Belgian league

The peculiarities of the Belgian league

Belgium, a country with a European heart where their capital gathers the most renowned and well-known institutions of the European Union. A country divided into two, where one party speaks French and one Dutch, a country that worships the Spanish tapas as possible check to see hundreds and hundreds of Spanish bars one finds its streets. A country that until recently boasted of being the European country with more months of misrule, also love football.

The most obvious proof we have in the national team, real eye opener and one of the strongest candidates to make it big in the next World Cup. But nevertheless, what many do not know is their league, the characteristics and peculiarities of one of the most special championships. Thus, Colgados today for football we stop to explain what differentiates the Belgian league other European leagues:

The first feature is the ball. There is an official one, in Belgium, the local team chooses his and the visitor has to accommodate. Thus, It is not difficult to see different colors in various stages.

The Belgian league has a large variety of balls with which to play matches.
The Belgian league has a large variety of balls with which to play matches.

– It is composed of a regular league 16 teams, but where the first six playoff play a final that decides the champion. This playoff is played 10 parties to a meeting at home and away alternately. The most point sum total (Regular more league playoff) winning the league and the second plays third round of the Champions League.

– The UEFA Europa League has its own classification system. The play champion Belgian Cup, the third place and a team that leaves the 7th to the 14th positions. Why? Because between these teams which another playoff champion is endowed with a European place to play. So, the fourth, the fifth and sixth are not going to Europe and if you can do the 12th or 13th.

– The decline is decided by the last two qualifiers to play a playoff to decide which of the two comes down to the Belgian Second Division.

– It is one of the oldest leagues in Europe. On the 1895 and the team with the most titles is the Anderlecht. Eye, any stadium in the league is over 30.000 seating. Instead it does the King Baudouin, which it is only used for the selection or for important matches of Belgian teams in Champions, especially Anderlecht.

– The league is sponsored and now does the Jupiler beer, one of the best known brands and drinks in Belgium.

Jupiler beer sponsors the Belgian league.
Jupiler beer sponsors the Belgian league.

– Games are played at 20 hours Saturday in a majority, although there are exceptions and some are held on Sundays, Friday or even, Wednesday.

– There is a strong control over equipment. There are some licenses that must be obtained to play in the top flight of Belgian football and to have it must meet a number of requirements, especially economic.

Definitely, a different championship, unlike which many want to unify with the Dutch Eredivisie to provide both competitions more competitive. A controversial decision that would be, definitely.

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  1. Good article Friend, Belgian league have recently come out great players like Lukaku, Carlos Bacca on el propio Ivan Perisic. A league very to consider 😉

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