Spanish football, the most civilized of the big leagues

Spanish football, the most civilized of the big leagues

We are living in these last days to a barrage of criticism of police clubs and events sadly occurred last 30 November in Madrid and as almost everyone knows resulted in the death of a fan of Deportivo La Coruna. cruel images, shocking and completely disposable which lived on the banks of the river Manzares among dozens of radical supporters of Deportivo and Atletico Madrid.

Do well the authorities and the clubs take drastic measures against these freaks who do not represent anyone because they are unable to represent themselves, as would a famous journalist years ago. But nevertheless, beyond rejection and condemnation should not forget that what happened on Sunday is an isolated incident in a country that since 1982 It has been eleven people die violent acts related to the world of football and three from the entrance of the new century.

While it is true that these figures should stay 0 If you reign supreme logic of common sense and sanity of all fans, Spain can be considered a paradigm of good behavior on and off the court compared to other countries especially football fans. Not few are the times that we receive images of Argentina or Brazil where fans face each other in their own stands causing dead and wounded, sometimes, also not a few. Last October in Brazil, for example, in Santos Palmeiras there was one death and three injured serious…in May dead by the launch of a toilet in the stadium. In Argentina, We have seen coffins entering the stands.

That South America is a world apart clear, but neither the Old Continent escapes. In Italy, dripping dead is relentless in recent decades. Without going further, in the final pass of Ciro Esposito Cup he lost his life. Incidents outside the sports venues are the order of the day. In Holland, three quarters occurs the same. Two years ago, They killed three youth kicking a Linesman and clashes between radicals Ajax and Feyernoord usually put the willies.

A group of fans came to put a coffin in South America on a football field.
A group of fans came to put a coffin in South America on a football field.

Germans can not claim to be free of problems. It is recalled that at Euro 2008, Austria-Germany one ended with a dead aficionado and 23 wounded in a battle between the two hobbies. And England, Better not talk. The violence of his supporters took to the UEFA to wean the English clubs of European competitions and although security has increased, occasional death is impossible to avoid.

We talk about Germany, Italy, England, not to mention Russia, Africa or Central America where riots are more than usual. So, and for once, we should not forget the prospect. Spain, It is one of the safest countries to watch football. His hobbies are most quiet and there just impresentables not throw the bells to the flight terrorizing. Fortunately, civilization won by a landslide in many.

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