Doormen and nationalities: a problem or luck, see as

Doormen and nationalities: a problem or luck, see as

It has always been said that nationality in the keepers is important. There are certain countries that have traditionally had good goalkeepers. Others instead, they usually just have managed to get several goalkeepers over the years. Even, cases like the UK to be keeper is almost a “rara avis”.

Thus, Colgados today for football we ask which country has the best goalkeepers in the world. Starting with Spain must say that this has boasted of having always with many life insurance under the sticks. So much so, that the 20 First Division teams, only seven (If we Alves holds in Valencia Guaita and his deputy) Goalkeepers have another nationality. Even, Spain, You are fortunate to export to the cache goalkeepers Roberto (Olympiakos), Pepe Reina (Naples) or David de Gea (Manchester United).

Goalkeepers foreign holders League:

Sara- Betis


Diego Alves Valencia

Thibaut Courtois-Atlético

Keylor Navas-Levante

Claudio Bravo-Real Sociedad

Willy Caballero-Malaga

Is this the best goalkeepers ever hat-trick led by a selection?
Is this the best goalkeepers ever hat-trick led by a selection?

The case is similar Bundesliga. Germany has always boasted of having the best goalkeepers in the world. And actually, the still. No longer Meier, ni Khan ni Kopke o Illgner, Ter Stegen but Neuer or are highly sought after and both augur enormous joy to the German goal in the coming years. German security goalkeepers is such that only three Bundesliga teams prefer to occupy the post under the sticks with a foreign.

Teams with foreign holders goalkeepers in the Bundesliga:

Caastels- Hoffenheim

Manninger- Augsburg

Benaglio – Swiss Wolfburgo

It draws attention to the case of Italy, country traditionally good goalkeepers where seven teams have archers outside the transalpine border. Especially, curious is the situation in Brazil, which has always been criticized for not having good goalkeepers and having up to three of their own covering clubs Fiorentina, Verona and Sampdoria.

Italian teams with foreign goalkeepers holders:

Neto-Fiorentina (Brazil)

Rafael- Verona (Brazil)

Andujar-Catania (Argentina)

Da Costa-Sampdoria (Brazil)

King Naples (Spain)

Kelava-Udinese (Croatia)

Handanovic-Inter Milan (Slovenia)

Foster, Hart and mission, England defend the goal.
Foster, Hart and mission, England defend the goal.

Brazil has always been criticized for the lack of guarantees guardametas, to equal England, but it seems that there is no solution Islands. Because here the number of foreigners who defend the goals of the Premier teams will not have, but the number of carcerberos. Because only three, Hart, Foster o Ruddy They are usually holders on their computers. A serious problem for national team (maximum when Foster has been two years removed from it by choice) which has made England on many calls have to convene a second goalkeeper goalkeeper of the Championship.

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