Cafú, one of the best right-backs in history

Cafú, uno de los mejores laterales derechos de la historia
Cafú, only player to play three World Cup finals

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Cafu is one of the best right-backs in history, si no el mejor. Double world champion, 142 matches with Brazil shirt (the one who most), more of 15 years as head both in its various clubs and the selection. En efecto, we are talking about Evangelists Marcos de Moraes, Or what is the same, Cafú. Nacido en 1970, it is possibly one of the best full-backs in football history.

Cafú, a show running the band

With great offensive vocation and a great tactical sense, their cavalcades by the right side were common, to the point of being able to lift said two titles as World (1994 y 2002), of the Copa Libertadores, two Recopa Sudamericana, alloys of Italian, 1 Copa de Europa, one European Super Cup, 1 Cup Winners Cup or World Club.

Fireproof, His first steps gave the legendary Sao Paulo Raí, Müller and the Intercontinental company took after winning 2-1 Cruyff's Barcelona. Allí, remain seven years, desde 1988 hasta 1995, He zaragoza when I was hosting his first European experience. With the band of world champion obtained a year earlier in the Mundial USA 94 (He was a substitute in the tournament but played the final to replace the injured Jorginho), Cafu was in the hand of his repertoire club, which she led him to win the Cup Winners Cup against Arsenal.

Sin embargo, his nostalgia for the South American country and a lack of complete adaptation took him back to Brazil, this time playing for Palmeiras, with the title of the Paulista league lead. But like every great champion, its fate seemed linked to Europe and took no more than a few months later to return.

In Rome he found his level

It would be in AS Roma where Cafú he would find enough room to become a soccer legend. In a championship like the Serie A defensive and tactical marked character, a man with huge offensive projection would triumph. Unfold your mates in the band and the likes of Francesco Totti or Emerson, They encumbraron him and made him win over a crowd that finally saw his team win a league 2001. casi 28 years after the last.

Best South American player of 1994, possibly his best year would be to 2002, when he proclaimed world champion in Korea and Japan taking a leading role in the selection. Beside Roberto Carlos formed a terrible tandem on the wings that made Brazil a very strong team in achieving the sixth world championship.

The only player in history to play three World Cup finals

Only player in history to play three finals World, y 2 times world champion, en 2003 ficharía AC Milan, where it would remain until 2008, year of his retirement 38 springs. In the Lombard club, Cafu confirm that from the thirties it was still possible to perform at the highest level and get individually and collectively the biggest hits. to sample, a button, achieved victory in the Champions League 2006-07, months before achieving what would be his last title, Mundialito Club.

446 games behind him and 16 many throughout his long career, The Pendolino (el “Viajero” as he was nicknamed by his tireless runs). It was also the subject of controversy because of a false accusation of dual Italian-Brazilian passport, in order to circumvent the restrictive recruitment policy Italian foreign. He 16 de mayo de 2008, in Milan-Udinese, Cafu said goodbye. And he did it, paradoxes of life, with a goal, an art that never mastered all. Quizás, the only one not.


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