Socrates, one of the best Brazilian Soccer Players in History

Sócrates, uno de los mejores futbolistas brasileños de la historia
Socrates, one of the best Brazilian Soccer Players in History. PHOTO: As

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Misses football players Socrates. On Hanged, we talk about the Brazil World Cup in Spain 1982. We define it as the most perfect imperfect equipment, for his dynamic football, spectacular, preciosista but did not get to win anything.

It was a full selection of great players, with a spectacular technical level and sobriety that hit Italian, ultimately world champions, with a triplet of a star Paolo Rossi, mandaron a los brasileños a casa. On that computer, They highlighted players Zico, Falcao, Toninho Cerezo and as, Socrates.

Known as “The doctor” by having a medical career, It was a talented footballer, with great technical ability with the ball. Elegant in its movements, tenía una excelente visión de juego para mover el juego a su antojo y una capacidad de regate maravillosa. Born in 1954, in Bethlehem, Christmas somewhere very name but located in Brazil, Socrates, It was not the only family to be a successful footballer.

His brother Raí proclaimed world champion with Brazil

His younger brother Raí, fue un espectacular centrocampista que jugó en los 90´s en el Paris St Germain entre otros y que llegó a ser campeón de la Copa Intercontinental con el Sao Paulo y campeón del mundo con Brasil en USA 1994, something peculiarly his brother who was better than him and far superior as a footballer, He never achieved.

The doctor, He played professionally from 1972 until 1992. They were twenty-year career that passed basically in Brazil, except an experience in Italy, particularly in the rows of the Florentine. I participate in 404 games in which he scored 209 goals. The vast majority of these, he played in Corinthians, his beloved club with which juice 297 parties.

Sócrates y Zico, dos de los mejores jugadores de la historia de Brasil que curiosamente, no ganaron un Mundial.
Socrates and Zico, two of the best players in the history of Brazil curiously, they did not win a World Cup.

He participated with the Brazilian national team in the World Championships in Spain 82 and Mexico 86, where he was captain of the Brazilian combined and chair where sat with his football, running from midfield play of Brazilian. A team playing football like few teams but did not know winning big races. A preciosista but little effective team.

Socrates died in 2011 to the 57 years

Unfortunately, Socrates, He died on 4 December 2011. Did the 57 years due to an intestinal problem, exacerbated by an addiction to alcohol had caused chronic liver disease, detalle que él mismo reconoció poco antes de morir.

He died as he said he wanted to die a few years ago, Sunday and proclaimed champion Corinthians. The day of his death was Sunday afternoon and that Corinthians were crowned champions. If heaven exists, Doctor from there, it looked.

Sócrates, el doctor, elegancia sobre el césped.
Socrates, the doctor, elegance on the lawn.

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