Brazil of the World Cup in Spain1982, the most perfect imperfect equipment

Brazil of the World Cup in Spain1982, the most perfect imperfect equipment
The Brazil of 1982, a legendary team PHOTO: Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images en FIFA.COM

The Brazil 82 it was one of the teams that played the best football so far. It is often said that history only remembers the champions. The defeated are the forgotten and spent time, nobody remembers them. lie, totally, false. Football tends to remember those who have innovated, which they have revolutionized and brought something new to the sport. If not so, no one would remember the Hungary 54, the Holland of the 74 the above all Brazil 82. Teams that went to the history of the world cups for the football they played in those tournaments.

The Brazil 82, the team that wore in the World Cup in Spain 1982

He did it in the World Spain 1982, in a world championship that seemed predestined to canarinha. In a championship where they appeared as clear favorites (and possibly unique), bad luck and spirit of Italian struggle limbo sent to a constellation of stars shining together as no one else has done. Not even the Brazil 70 of skin.

Brazil 82, the best football team that has managed to develop into a World.
Brazil 82, the best football team that has managed to develop into a World. PHOTO: AS

To analyze what the Brazil 82, you should focus on your coach Santana TV. Chosen by most as the best coach in the history of Brazil, Football conception lay in an offensive game of touch arrival, where the defense was ancillary to attack. The aim was to score before you will mark. In other words, It was the expression par excellence “Beautiful game”.

This theoretical plasmación was carried out swimmingly in the field. worthy offensive side to be the star in any world class team as Leandro and Junior started the base from the defense. Their arrivals were continuous and uncontrollable constant additions for any team. So much so, Junior was the star of Gran Torino early 80. The brazil lineup 82 it was a real joy.

The magic of the Brazil of 82

In midfield, Socrates, Zico, Falcao and Toninho Cerezo proved unstoppable. They could generate a thousand different ways football, but always with beauty, with creativity and especially fantasy. A play should never be repeated. Its versatility and mobility they were also unpredictable. He never knew where they were going out. To all of them, also he accompanied them a terrible arrival and physical presence.

Perhaps the great moon was up this selection. Serginho responded to high and rough prototype player but nowhere header. Thus, the plays created by lateral and midfielders had difficulty being finished off as lacking a 9 Pure quality with a goal.

Brazil 82
The Brazil 82, the World Cup team in Spain that played wonderful football. PHOTO: Captura/Daily Motion

That and defense were possibly the two major causes of the defeat of Brazil in Spain 82. After a previous phase with convincing victories against the USSR (2-1), Scotland (4-1) and New Zealand (4-0) and a second round with a first win against Maradona's Argentina 3-1, Brazilians the semi-finals were played in Italy.

And even enough for them tie, they decided not to betray his style. Big mistake and when playing against “azurri”. A criticized Paolo Rossi with a hattrick he sent the Brazilians home in an exciting match played in Sarrià that ended with an Italian victory for 3-2. That defeat showed the two main Brazilian shortcomings: the lack of scoring and defensive weakness. Were the only two niggles to a work of art that left us forever beautiful football paradigm based on touch, overflow, originality, Creativity arrival. It was the most perfect imperfect football ever seen.

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