Hungría del 54, possibly the best team of all time

Hungría del 54, possibly the best team of all time
The Magnificent Magyars of Puskás and company marked an era. PHOTO:FIFA

The Hungary of 54 dazzled the football world with displays and routine wins that still, hoy en día, they are remembered with great nostalgia. A team, that the passage of time has not erased its merit, but rather the contrary, it has recognized. And it is that no team has won with the ease and forcefulness with which the Hungría del 54.

Although the great Hungary was built primarily in the first half of the year 50, Balompédica tradition of the Magyars comes from early last century. Not in vain, ya el 12 de octubre de 1902, He played a friendly against Austria in Vienna, it is billed as the first international match played between teams, in addition to the meetings between the different teams of the UK.

Besides, beating Russia (12-0) in 1912 or to France (13-1) in 1927 They did nothing but confirm that Hungary was a footballing superpower, as could be seen in the Mundial de Francia 38, where only Meazza's Italy in the final would be able to stop.

The Hungary of 54, the Magnificent Magyars

However, Greater Hungary, which he made history would be to early 50. An extraordinary litter of great players headed Ferenc Puskás, Sándor Kocsis, Cold cookies o Czibor and directed by Gustav Sebes who he conquered all fields and possible titles except the coveted World Cup.

this mythical “team gold” o deMagníficos Magyars”, as it was called at the time, He based his tremendous dominance in three basic and equal pillars of important. On the one hand, an innovative tactical system, based on a 4-2-4 where the magic square formed by Hidegkuit (the lung of the team), Bozsik (Pass a genius), Czibor (a lethal end) y Carriage (the best header of history) diabluras ago.

Por otro lado, unmatched technical, which attached to a fitness than the rest, They provide more than evident that showed superiority in bulky markers.

The third pillar was perhaps the most decisive. That of having one of the best strikers of all time: Francis Purczfeld, alias Ferenc Puskas (means shotgun in Hungarian). This seemingly heavy physical ram, He enjoyed a cannon in his left leg that made him see door with unusual ease. In fact. 84 goles en 85 Hungarian parties shirt, y 721 in official competitions with teams all won him to be considered the top scorer of the twentieth century by FIFA.

Pancho Puskas, a player of legend
Pancho Puskas, a player of legend. PHOTO: LEVANTE OUT

With these three ingredients obtained, not surprising that Hungary will explode as a hegemonic team. His defeat in December 1950 against West Germany 3-1 He would mark the beginning of a spectacular streak 32 undefeated matches in a period of four years.

The Helsinki Olympic Games, the triumph of the Magnificent Magyars

A time lapse, it would be noted with titles and conquests of emblematic fields. To begin Helsinki Olympics, where the team would win the gold medal handily beating their rivals as evidenced by 18 goals in their previous matches to the final (2-1 to Romania, 3-0 to Italy, 6-0 Sweden or 7-1 to turquia). Already in the match for Olympic glory, a comfortable 2-0 to Yugolavia warned the great danger magiar.

Also a drink Dr Gero 1953, competition where participating major European teams of the time as Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia or Italy and defunct after the creation of the Euro in 1960.

Pero, especially exhibitions and thrashings for everyone. Especially remarkable double win for England. The first in Wembley, he 25 de noviembre de 1953, por 3-6, this being, the first English defeat at home. La segunda, a strong 7-1 en in Budapest 23 de mayo de 1954, both with Puskás captain.

Thrashings that served to conquer Rome, or to win for the first time in Moscow to the Soviet Union. Pero sobre todo, to instill fear facing the World 1954, the great event where the team had to confirm their status as best team in the world.

The World Cup sensation 1954

It started well for the Magyars, in their first two games in the Swiss world ravaged by Korea 9-0 already Alemania por 8-3. The quarterfinals, They followed the same line with 4-2 a Brasil, in the famous Battle of Berne, high voltage match with many expelled and violent game that ended with the two teams in the locker room throwing kicks and bottles that caused a cut to four points Sebes coach, and they ended with a Hungarian hospital after being unconscious.

De nuevo, un 4-2 in the semifinals would serve to confirm the team's expectations. This time, ante Uruguay, new champion of the previous World 50, and unbeaten since the creation of the world (since it was not involved in 1934 y 1938). It was not easy despite the strength of the marker, because only the extension and head Kocsis charrua avoided defeat in a game marked by an incessant rain that left the playing field impracticable because of the mud.

The last obstacle was to be back Germany, he 4 de julio, a pure process if one considers that in the group phase, Hungary had thrashed by the Teutons 8-3. Un 2-0 Initial nothing presaged what would happen. Alemania, bighead always insistent, I was able to turn around the marker and wrest the World to Hungary, in a match where the Magyars crashed three balls to wood and had a dozen very clear opportunities.

With a very slippery field because of rain, Studded boots adapted to wet soil, newly created by the German brand Adidas for the German selection, They allowed the Teutons adapt better to pitch and get one of the biggest upsets in football history.

Magyar captain Puskas. PHOTO: FIFA.COM

This was the only spot of a team that later came to stay 18 more games unbeaten. No obstante, fogging not just the image of a team that swept Europe until finally in 1956 Revolution broke Budapest and many of their players had to go abroad.


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