The Biggest wins in history

The Biggest wins in history
Those on the Australia-Samoa scoreboard lost until the count. PHOTO: capture Youtube

What are the biggest wins in football history?? Even if it seems a lie at a professional level in the key of national teams, there have been some of the biggest wins in the history of this sport. Let's remember some of them.

The biggest wins in football history

1- Spain 10- Tahiti 0: esperpéntico or nice. A botched FIFA for allowing a selection of low level participate in a competition like the Confederations Cup, or a wonderful memory for some amateur players to play in Maracana and against the best team in the world. Depending on how you see, everyone has their opinion. As there will be discrepancies it is that Torres and Villa formed a lethal pair in attack that ended the first scoring four goals with a hat trick second. And they could be many more, almost as many, how to reach the famous 13-0 to Bulgaria 1933, the biggest win in the history of Spain.

2- Germany 3- Hungary 8: the Germans suffered one of the biggest thrashings that are remembered in his career. They did it in the first phase of the World 54 before which has possibly been the best team of all time, the Puskas and Kocsis Hungary, that day would mark four goals. But nevertheless, Tit for tat, and final the miracle would occur Berne, the rematch in the making, the first title in Germany.

3- Spain 12- Malta 1: Spain needed to win by eleven goals to move to the Euro 83. Malta was the rival to win at the Benito Villamarin Seville. And what if he got. Spain swept to Malta with four goals and one Santilla and Rincon, the last memorable Lord, that turned around the 0-1 that visitors had gone ahead. Malta was rumored that from that moment enjoyed great sports facilities result of a generous gift. Of course it was just a rumor.

4- Argentina 0-Colombia 5: five September 1993, Argentina suffered the worst humiliation in the Monumental de River. Valderrama's Colombia, Corner, Asprilla or Valencia walked in the temple River and sent to the repechage World 94 to Argentina, with Diego Maradona watching the game from the box. There were no palliatives. Possession, deadly cons, the coffee growers Embroidered.

5- Australia 31- Samoa 0: It was not a match between two powers, rather between a good team and a set of fans. But if we include in this list it is to be recorded the biggest win in FIFA matches. The Australian striker Archie Thompson broke the record for most goals scored in a single game by achieving 13 many. Was a 11 April 2001. Then He ended up playing in the Murcia regional.

6- Spain 9- Austria 0: Mestalla saw the Spain of Camacho and one Raul pace mercilessly against an opponent soulless one 28 March 1999. The 7 Real Madrid scored four goals in a game flow led by Guardiola, Fran or Valeron. It was, possibly, the best of Spain in the decade and a song football attack on the wing deployment.

7- Denmark 17- France 1: were other times the 1908 and London Olympics, but not every day you win so easily to a power like France, that day I was beaten from the first minute by an imperial selection in which Nielsen luxury scoring allowed to 10 many. The disappointment was such that France did not show up the next game, it was neither more nor less, the fight for third and fourth place.

8- Hungary 10- The Savior 1: happened in the World Spain 82 and against a team that played a certain Magico Gonzalez, one of the most talented players of the past fifty years. But it did not matter, a bad day and a good day Central European managed the biggest win in World Cup history.

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