The best songs about football

The best songs about football
Andrés Calamaro dedicated a song to his friend Maradona. PHOTO: capture Youtube

make a list about the best songs about soccer it doesn't seem easy. And it is that, They say that music appeases the beasts. Who has never heard this popular saying? The tames and revives. For many fans and players who are inspired by the rhythm of a song. Mainly, because there have been many composers and groups who have dedicated songs to the world of football or a player especially. Let's remember some of them.

The best songs about football

We are the Champions: Queen He made a song that can be heard in any ending, wherever it is. A song that no team champion not cheered. And it is not in vain, is the theme of Freddie Mercury It was the official song of the World Cup 1994 and an icon of music from 1977 which remains in full force.

Champions League: when Tonny Britten composed in 1992 the anthem of the continental showpiece would have never guessed that success he enjoys today. Hear puts the creeps. Their sound is equal players lined up in row shortly before starting the game and maximum voltage. Possibly, the most popular football-related song.

You´re never walk alone: Celtic hymns and Liverpool. They have their origins in the work Carousel where the character of Billy Bigelow commits suicide when cornered by police after a failed robbery and Julie (played by Jan Clayton) He arrives in time to hear his last words. Consolingly for that loss, Nettie (played by Christine Johnson) sings the song. The piece will sound in the work at the end of it, sung by Julie and a choir during a graduation party that puts the willies. As will also tip the back rendition of Frank Sinatra and Gerry Liverpool & The Pacemakers, precursors of today's fans “red” have this letter as a symbol.

Football is coming: Three Lions searched for a catchy theme for the Euro Cup 1996 which it was played in England and was an immediate success. I was number 1 in the UK charts and hear today remember those fanatical fans who follow their teams wherever they go.

Maradona: Andres Calamaro made a song that still sounds frequently in many Latin radios of Spain and South America. From myth to myth, Argentine singer extolled the virtues of a Diego “it was not an ordinary person” but a “friend and a great person”. Great person and a better player with the ball at his feet always. The single was a boom and even both together to sing like classic “My sickness” It located on the first video. Nevertheless, Calamaro was not alone in pursuing a letter to Diego. Who does not remember the famous theme played by Rodrigo Maradó Maradó or Lice, or Dieguito archiconocido Mr. Napolitano

The cup of Life: Ricky Martin invoked a moving theme for the France World Cup 1998. A letter that was moving the body as more and that caused furor in stadiums and discotheques. A cool theme which over the years has been forgotten. Colgados but not for football that brings out as most worthy tribute.

Sevilla centenary anthem: The Andalusian club broke the mold with a beautiful song performed by the outburst has become the best Spanish football anthem. With the Sanchez Pizjuan involved in one voice singing it, hear is like stepping into a dimension where fans and players are self.

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