A fan of River that became the handsome gave him a slap

A fan of River that became the handsome gave him a slap
Chilavert a River fan faced "who gave a slap to go handsome" Photo: Publimetro

José Luis Chilavert was always a doorman character, that no doubt. A way of being that also keeps off the pitch and if not tell that to the fans of River who shared with him a flight. Former Paraguayan goalkeeper assaulted one of the 90 fans who went on the same plane and he apparently, They berated the goalkeeper. “One was the handsome and gave him a slap” He commented graphically.

“They were like 90. Midair sang nonsense, songs court. At a time when a flight attendant asked me a photo. I stopped and started insulting me again” Chilavert told when asked about the incident. The junction with the River fans was on the flight from Ezeiza Airport. “I was booed and insulted by far. When we boarded the plane did not speak any. In flight they started singing songs, but I fought and all quieted”, Chilavert said. “I told the insulting that came from one, but no one came. One came, He was handsome, I gave him a slap and threw it against the wall”, he explained.

All the controversy came by statements of former keeper a few days before in various media by stating that the president of River Plate, Rodolfo D'Onofrio, “I knew” five players from his team “They were getting positive” in doping controls and “work” in the Conmebol to “lower concerned from five to two”. A statement that did not sit at all well with the fans of River.

The former goalkeeper also said that employees of the airline advised him not to travel on that flight to avoid further incidents. “I never doubted board the plane. I did not steal nor am offender”, he said.

Chilavert time when he was heckled on the plane. Photo: Peru.com
Alberto Llopis

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