The best left in history

Los mejores laterales izquierdos de la historia
For many, he is one of the best left-backs in history.. PHOTO: Brand

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Who are the best left backs in history? Being left handed in football is almost synonymous with being thin, technical and stylish. However, be side has always been regarded as the player with background, speed and work. But if all these things are mixed, we can find that during the football history, we had one of the best players in the sport starting from this position. Finos warriors whose left foot, the daba more. We will remember some of them.

The best left in history

Nilton Santos

For many, Nilton Santos He is the inventor of the modern fullback as it is known today. Nation in 1925 and passed away in 2013. He was named by FIFA in the year 2000 as the best left-back in history up to that moment. Was 2 times world champion (1958 y 1962) and he played 75 matches with Brazil in addition to 729 matches with Botafogo.

mejores laterales izquierdos de la historia Nilton Santos
Nilton Santos, He was ahead of his time. PHOTO: Google

Roberto Carlos

The man with the impossible goals like the one he scored against Tenerife in 1998 or to France in 1997. Juice 1044 parties, frame 136 goals and gave 103 assists in his career as a professional. All this playing from the left flank of the defense. That on paper because it made the entire lane its amusement park. A legendary footballer.

He played World of France 1998, Korea and Japan 2002 y Germany 2006 leaving world champion in the appointment of 2002. also won 2 America's Cups with the Brazilian. Among its many titles, won 3 Champions.

Paolo Maldini

'The beautiful’ está considerado como uno de the best defenders in history. Since he triumphed both in the center of the rear and in the left side where he is considered one of the best left backs in history. And he was so good that he managed to be one of the best in that position being right-handed.

disputed 903 games and scored 33 goals as a professional as well as giving 11 assists. He played the World Cups Italia 90, USA 94, France 98 y Korea and Japan 2002. Among his many titles, highlight 5 European Cups in its two formats, the original and already in Champions mode in 2007.

Andreas Brehme

One of the most mythical left backs in history. He scored the penalty against Argentina in the final of italy 90 who gave the title to the Teutons. played others 2 world in 1986 in Mexico and in 1994 in the US. He also made a career in teams like Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. He also had a brief stint at Real Zaragoza. One of the best ambidextrous players in history.

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