Five of the best right-backs in the history of the League

Five of the best right-backs in the history of the League

Who are the 5 best lateral rights League history? Making a list is always complicated and when you try and pick through piles of five players who have gone through this post. As you talk about goalkeepers, side lefties, central, mediocentros, and front ends, Today we offer these five as some of the best right-backs in the history of the League.

  1. Chapi Ferrer: Albert Ferrer aka Llopis “Cpi” Ferrer, It was possibly the best Spanish right side of his era and one of the best of his time. He advanced to his time with his power and his tireless ups and downs from the side. It was one of the outstanding members of the Dream Team of Cruyff and a set of Spanish selection 90.
  2. Michel Salgado: Galician was once, one of the world's best in their area. Ferrer's successor in the selection, triumphed at Real Madrid where he arrived from Celta de Vigo where he excelled as one of the best Spanish players. all international, physical deployment was a show.
  3. Jocelyn Angloma: when French native of Guadalupe came to Valencia and spent the 30 and he carried behind a fairly long career behind him. However, as in the case of Carboni, when it seemed that came to Valencia to withdraw their performance could not be more spectacular. He did not get to Valencia doublet 2004 but if he participated in the 2 Champions where Valencia reached the final, in King's Cup 1999 and the team that won the League 2002.
  4. Miguel Porlán Chendo: He was not technically a brilliant player but delivery, honor and strength earned him few. A player stereotype of the 80 and early 90 donde Chendo, It was one of the best in his position. Owner of the right lane of Real Madrid was usual always see with a knee brace for a personal story. He was international with Spain.
  5. Andoni Iraola: the best side of the modern history of Athletic de Bilbao. A total player who has spent the best years of his career with the team he left in his life 2015 after many seasons of service to the club he loves.
Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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