Five of the best left-handed side of the history of the League

Five of the best left-handed side of the history of the League
Amedeo Carboni was for more than 9 years at Valencia and became one of the best left-handed side of the history of the Spanish League. Photo:

The left-back is one of those positions where a player is usually done specialist. If not long ago you were talking about five of the best defenses, and front ends of the League history, today we select five of the best left-handed side of history Spanish First Division. The numbers do not indicate that there is better than another, it's just a way to sort them.

  1. Roberto Carlos: Brazil was pure spectacle. From the left-lane Real Madrid, He exhibited its full potential with long runs, impossible centers and especially cannon fire. He left some of the best goals in the history of the championship. Those who are not forgotten and you can see here.
  2. Amedeo Carboni: when the Italian arrived at Valencia few expected performance that would give the Italian. More than 30 y 3 Expulsions in their first matches, the trajectory of the Italian left-back seemed to have days. Nothing is further from reality. He turned it into what is possibly the best player who has had the Valencia in that position, a benchmark for the fans, one of the heroes of Valencia who won two league titles and a doublet and withdrew the past 40 surrounded by glory in Mestalla. Respect.
  3. Mikel Lasa: Basque was not a portent regarding technical virtues but regular if, and a lot. He played for Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid course where although it was not his, He scored two goals for history, one at the end of King's Cup 1993 in Mestalla and another in 1995 Sevilla from midfield.
  4. Sergi Barjuán: spectacular. So you could define Catalan when very young lefty broke into the Barcelona first team and almost no time, became the left-back of the Spanish in USA 94. Speed, power, force…are some of the attributes that showed one of the best left-handed Spanish side of the story.
  5. Rafa Gordillo: He started playing above but ended up being one of the best left-handed side of the time. With its half-downs, something that today could not do, without shin guards and soccer very before, his was the band up and down like lightning. He played for Real Madrid and Betis.

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