The other Spaniards from Qatar 2022

The other Spaniards from Qatar 2022
The Williams brothers will play in Qatar 2022. One with your country of birth (Nico) and the other with his father's country (Iñaki). PHOTO: @ williaaaams11

Players, technicians and other members of the Spanish expedition will not be the only Spaniards from Qatar 2022. And it is that apart from the 24 soccer players of the Spanish team (2 of them were not born on Spanish soil), others 7 footballers born in Spain will play in Qatar 2022 with other countries, those of his family origins or places where they have grown and raised. Let's go over them all.

The other Spaniards from Qatar 2022

Iñaki Williams

Born, raised and raised in Bilbao, Iñaki Williams became an absolute international with the Spanish team. But it was in a friendly match so according to FIFA rules, I could change country if it was not in an official party. Looking ahead to the World Cup in Qatar, Williams decided that he would go with Ghana, the country of origin of your parents. Meanwhile, his brother Nico he was called to defend the colors of Spain. so the 2 Williams brothers will play a World Cup with different teams. An option that could have been given with the 'red’ Spanish.

Achraf Judge

Born in Madrid in 1998, Judge It's one of the most sought-after full-backs in European football but far from covering the right flank of Spain, does it with that of the country of their origins, Morocco. He made his debut as a kid with Real Madrid where he was trained but has made a career in teams like Borussia and Inter.

Sergej and Vanja Milinkovic-Savic

The Milinkovic-Savic brothers were born in Spain while his father, Nikola Mikinkovic he was a professional footballer. In fact Sergej nation in 1995 in Lleida when his father played on the city team and Vanja in Ourense in February 1997 when his father was a member of the Galician team in the Second Division. Both are Serbian internationals and will defend their country in Qatar.

Robert Skov

International for Denmark, Robert Skov was born in Marbella in 1996. In Andalusian lands lived the first 9 months of his life when his parents returned to Danish lands. Danish international in all Danish categories, plays his first World Cup after being about to enter for Russia 2018.

Jeremy Sarmiento

Born in Madrid in 2002, went to live at 7 years to England where he even became international in the lower categories of England. Something really curious given his Ecuadorian origins and his birth in Spain. With the possibility of playing 3 selections, finally it was Ecuador who called the footballer in 2021 to make him an absolute international and take him to a World Cup.

But there will not only be footballers but also Spanish coaches who will direct other teams. Roberto Martinez (Belgium) Y Felix Sanchez (Qatar) are the other 'Spanish selectors’ in this World Cup 2022.

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