Best t-shirts in the history of Levante

Best t-shirts in the history of Levante
Tee season 21-22 with Commander Morales as a model. PHOTO: Levante UD

What are the best shirts in the history of Levante? granotas, frogs in Valencia, definition or nickname given to Levante UD fans in Valencia except for the residents of the city, who, within the framework of the local sporting rivalry, brand them as ‘toads’ in response to the term ‘chotos‘ with which those of Levante brand those of Valencia.

More than 100 years of history, Levante is the oldest club in Valencia and although the twentieth century was not very productive for granotas, If the club is experiencing a very fruitful beginning of the XXI century where growth has increased more 14-15 years than in the other almost 100 especially in the last golden decade of the club.

Like every club, an important thing throughout its history are t-shirts. On this occasion we want to remember some of those that in our opinion, son the best in the history of Levante.

Best t-shirts in the history of Levante


Levante t-shirt 2003-04
Tito, Angel Cuellar and Rubiales with the shirt of the season 2003/04, the ascent with Manolo Preciado technical. Photo:


t-shirt lift 95-96
Year T-Shirt 1995-96 It is in the memories of many granotas between 30 Y 40 years. Photo: Poster Levante EMV


Levante centenario t-shirt
Centennial T-shirt with the names of the partners in the 2009-2010 crowned with a historic moment and turning point for the great growth of the club. As pretty as a historic shirt. Photo:


Levante t-shirt leadership
T-Shirt EuroLevante season 2011-12 he became leader of First Division. Photo:


T-paced Levante Europe in a Europe League bright 2013. Photo:


Lift years 60
We go further back, with T-Shirt 60, the first to see the Levante in the Primera with an epic team. Photo:


best jerseys in the history of Levante
The uprising 2016-17 which amounted 3 months before. A very pretty tee shirts breaking years and seasons unattractive. Photo:


most beautiful shirts in the history of Levante
Bardhi, “Commander” Morales and Ivi with the shirt of the season 2017-18. Pretty and the first ad-free in a long time. Photo:


the best jerseys in the history of Levante
The shirt of Real flag of the Kingdom of Valencia in 2017-18, very similar to the previous year but without the advertising. Photo:


the best jerseys in the history of Levante
the blanquinegra 2017-18. Another shirt very nice to our liking. Photo:


The blanquinegra centennial in 2009-2010, another piece worthy have for granota. Photo:


best jerseys in the history of Levante
Tee season 21-22, simple and very in the essence granota. PHOTO: Levante UD


levante ud 96-97
Tee season 1996-97, one that fans remember fondly. PHOTO: Levante UD virtual museum

And you, What would you add?

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