April 11, 2021
camisetas de futbol

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    Only levantinistas chotos call the valencianistas, and make it as an insult.
    And it gives me more of granota comes garnet color so frogs (Barca kit color is actually the Gimnastico, together with the club Levante then merged fc born in 1939 the current Levante UD, taking cores of a team and the other's name).

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    The real reason for the nickname comes Espanyol Cat Felix The Cat, in Castilian was called Perico Cat. In a sports satirical publication of the year 20, Espanyol fans were portrayed as four black cats and people associated both, and hence it from “parakeets”. it was cats, not aver, Although the bird is already definitely sympathetic installed on the blue and white imagery.

    Watch: http://www.sapiens.cat/ca/notices/2010/12/culers_i_periquitos_601.php

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    Rafa Garcia

    The nickname “Plngns” It does not come for that reason. In fact Betis Sevilla FC never left nor denied entry to anyone for being poor. Sevilla FC played in the humble people to the club cedia their Intalaciones them to live in them with their families. The nickname comes a equipaciónque closely resembled ancient basins. What letter is an invention over them as they are the team of the poor when they were founded by military pyrotechnics. a greeting

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    Pablo Fernández

    This article explains why and since when Villarreal CF is known as Yellow Submarine: http://submarinoamarillo.net/villarreal/del-por-que-somos-el-submarino-amarillo/

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    I forgot to put the title…

    The origin of the nickname “orelluts”, albinegros fans, Club Deportivo fans Castellon

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    The "Pam Pam Orellut" is the official anthem of C.D.Castellón. This is a topic that just happens to the "Hala Madrid" or "Himne Barca" is completely identified with the albinegro feel and the city of Castellón Who has never heard a few bars of this composition and has not been put goosebumps?

    This hymn was recorded in 1972 by the voices of the Typical Murga "FADRELL CAMP", Master Gargori, Radio studios in Castellón (TO BE). Baritone solo intervened and albinegro big fan Miquel Soler i Barberà. The orchestration was carried out by professors from the Band of the Red Cross. This version is currently is issued by various stations or on this web page, and it gets when the albinegro team leaves the field at the start of the games. The original score is a historical legacy and, which owns the master CHENCHO.

    Photo: The Typical Murga "FADRELL CAMP" author of the current recording of the anthem albinegro.

    ¡Pam Pam Orellut!
    In the shield of your story
    a victory
    always campea
    sowing the wind
    of emotion.

    And when deployed your flags
    with its color under the sun
    comes the glory
    Old Sequiol field ...
    ¡Pam Pam Orellut!
    ¡Pam Pam Orellut!

    The history of this anthem is born with the legendary goalkeeper of the year 20, ALANGA, who used to wear an elephant as a pet and stood behind his goal. It was a small elephant with huge ears. A young parties used to come prepared to have fun and to laugh at everything he had around him. A) Yes, the parties came to a man with big ears named Jaime Varella and always applauded twice (pam, pam) and these young, to taunt him, They began making rhymes with the word Orellut, hiding behind the elephant keeper and they used to work out, given how easy it is to rhyme with “Orellut” Valencian (participle of many verbs). Then the song of youth emerged , after a great win at home Valencia C.F. which read as follows : “Pam Pam Orellut!, ¡Valencia lost!



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