The selection of Colgados: five of the best goals they have set in Spanish football

La selección de Colgados: cinco de los mejores goles que se han marcado en el fútbol español

Last update 1 August, 2013 by Alberto Llopis

Hanging for football wants to bring you five of the best goals that have been seen in Spanish football, at least in the last three decades. Goals are loves as they say and we wanted to select five homegrown. They are not the best that have been scored, cataloging that into a list of five would be a difficult task, almost daring, but there are five goals.

1-Rivaldo's Chilean

It was the last minute of the game of the last league game. Barcelona and Valencia tied at two. The result will worth the Valencian set to secure fourth place giving access to the Champions season 2001-02. However, a center to the front of the area was going to be controlled with his chest by Rivaldo who with a Chilean master from outside the area that beat Santi Cañizares. Madness broke out at the Camp Nou, Barcelona reached fourth place. How times change.

2-Clarence Seedorf's goal against Atlético de Madrid

Ran the season 98-99 when Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid faced at the Bernabeu. The party was not in favor of Real Madrid acting local. It was then, when he decided to take matters into Clarence Seedorf. The Dutchman took a stratospheric boot release of more than 40 meters which came as a bombshell in goal for Molina. Great goal.

3-Mendieta and his connecting goal at the Camp Nou

It happened 8 February 1999. Louis Van Gaal's Barça received Valencia from the Roman General, Claudio Ranieri. There was a corner in favor of Valencia when the “Cobra” Adrian Illie took out from the corner sending the ball by surprise to the crescent of the area where Gaizka Mendieta appeared to splice a ball and nail it into Rudd Hesp's squad. It was a real goal, that we have not forgotten.

4-Ronaldo dribbled against all opponents. Anthological goal to Compostela

In the season 1996/97 Ronaldo was in his absolute prime and this goal against Compostela proved it. He caught the ball in his field and with power and quality he was getting rid of rivals to beat Fernando, the Compostela goalkeeper with a mustache of the time. It is worth recreation with him.

5-Emilio Butragueño to Cádiz

The football of the 80's was very different from now On a grass full of mud to the top, something unthinkable today, Emilio Butragueño scored one of those goals that remain for the legend. After a play with multiple rebounds, he “Vulture”, he was going to dribble his rivals on a tile as they say, Seating defender and goalkeeper in a world genius action.

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