The great Chilean Rivaldo

La gran chilena de Rivaldo
Rivaldo's Chilean was a move for history. PHOTO: Sport

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Rivaldo's Chilean was a play that remained totally for the history of football. And it is that goals are loves and without the Chilean brands, in the last minute of the last game of the tournament and also it causes a classification in extremis, You know better. That's what the Brazilian must have thought Rivaldo, skilful full-fledged, at the dawn of summer 2001 when your computer, the Barcelona, fourth place was played with Valencia. Things were certainly different today where it would be unthinkable to see Barcelona in this situation but the goal, tasted almost almost like a title.

The Chilean of Rivaldo, one of the best goals in the history of the Spanish League

It was the last minute of the last game of the season 2000-01. Barcelona and Valencia empataban to 2 in this last match of the championship. The result will worth the Valencian set to secure fourth place giving access to the Champions season 2001-02. The Valencia of that moment was beginning the best time in the history of the Mestalla club but I still didn't know. However, a shipment to the front of the area by Frank de Boer was going to be controlled with his chest by Rivaldo who had the goal on his back, he preferred to look for the difficult; a Chilean, that from outside the area, he irremediably slipped through the right post of the goal defended by Santiago Cañizares.

The goal sparked madness. Gaspart, by then president of Barça, in the box and Rexach on the bench went crazy. It was not be for lowerly. Barca was in Champions. In Valencia, all were faces of sadness and disappointment. Without a doubt, It was a goal which earned a lot of money. And every player dreams of scoring some well in his sporting life.

chilena de Rivaldo
This Rivaldo goal drove people crazy at the Camp Nou. PHOTO: Sport

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