The story of overcoming Amavisca and Zamorano in the season 1994-95

La historia de superación de Amavisca y Zamorano en la temporada 1994-95
Amavisca and Zamorano pose with the league title of the season 1994-95. PHOTO: AS

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Amavisca and Zamorano were the best Real Madrid players champion of the season 1994/95. Both of them, showed that many times you do not have to give up in the face of adversity and that few or no, I trusted them in the summer of 1994 in which the white team began a new preseason by the hand of Jorge Valdano. The Argentine coach faced a great challenge after picking up a team that had just come from a season 93-94 more than disappointing.

Amavisca and Zamorano, a story of improvement and success

Ivan Zamorano He came in 1992 Real Madrid from Sevilla. Chilean forward, He had made a spectacular season in the Sevillian team which earned him his move to Real Madrid club. In his first season with Real Madrid shirt, I note 26 goals and made one of the best seasons of his career, however, the next would not be as good.

In the season 1993-94, He was only able to score 11 goals, which earned him the label transferable in one of the worst seasons of Real Madrid. In the summer of 1994, Chile was ousted and Real Madrid wanted to get rid of it, or by a transfer, or by placing in an operation Chilean. There was talk of Ruben Sosa would be your substitute.

Jose Emily Rainbow arrived in the summer of 1994 Real Madrid from Valladolid. the Spaniard, a young and skillful left winger easily to outflank and very good technique to assist the ball to his teammates. But all this, He discovered after the white box, as they arrive, the player was considered a currency for an operation and there was no practically nothing with him. His time at the Bernabéu team seemed more anecdotal than anything else.

Adversity joined them and formed the most lethal pair of that League

Neither counted for Jorge Valdano in that preseason of the already distant summer of 1994. Both, They attended her, more like filler players than anything else and the only thing that was expected of them was that they change teams at any time.

Based on work, effort, tenacity and above all talent, both, they managed to earn the opportunity to continue and not only did they, but they did it in spades. We can say that three-quarters of that tournament was won by them. It was the debut year of Raúl, of Real Madrid of Laudrup y Fernando Redondo, but it was mostly the year of Amavisca and Zamorano.

Ivan Zamorano was the league's top scorer 1994-95. Marco 28 goals, many of them assisted by his partner and friend Amavisca. The end was fed cntabro give assists and marked 10 goals, all dedicated to a great friend of his died a year before. The celebration of Amavisca with the knee on the ground and arm upwards became famous and imitated by children.

The league championship, a reward for the effort and improvement of both

The prize for them came in the match where Real Madrid was proclaimed league champion. It was at the Bernabéu 3 June 1995. The Whites won the game to Deportivo Coruna, he ‘SuperDepor‘, eventually the tournament runner-up. Real Madrid defeated by the coruñeses 2 a 1, the first goal was the work of Amavisca, the second, which he gave the title, Zamorano scored it to pass the same Amavisca.

The tournament final was going to give them another recognition. Iván Zamorano was named the best foreign player in the League while José Emilio Amavisca received the award for the best national player. Both went from being ousted to be the best players of that whole getting winning a tournament that resisted and 6 years. Both they proved otherwise, never give up, however something seems dark.

Amavisca y Zamorano
Jose Emilio Amavisca and Ivan Zamorano were the best. In summer they were discarded. PHOTO: Lotto

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